Best they can do is threaten!

jdl tugJerry Williams, who in his own words is a World War II scholar, defended before the cameras the human-soap stories, the human-skin lamp shade stories and all the rest of it. Williams is the founder of a national association of talk show hosts, a Jew, and a very assertive interviewer. Off camera he made it a point to not speak to either Leuchter, or myself. No fraternization. Mike Slomich, who resembles Bluto in the old Popeye cartoons, represented the JDL in a very telling way. Boston Jews who watched the show must have felt ashamed by his performance, while those who have got a case against Jews to begin with must have been hootin and hollerin all over their living rooms.
I handled the show pretty well, tho afterwards while I watched the video I could see the missed opportunities and so on, as usual. I nailed our friend Elie Wiesel — he teaches at Boston University so Boston is a good town to nail him in. The callers were typical: the young Jew who lost his grandparents in the Holocaust; the U. S. veteran who had helped liberate Dachau and saw the execution gas chambers there; the Israeli who had grown up in a town where “half” the inhabitants were “survivors,” which proved to him that there had been a “genocide.”
After the program I wandered out into the lobby and almost bumped into an attractive young girl who had a glazed look in her eyes. She seemed to not notice what had happened. A moment later I heard someone behind me say: “I think I’d like to piss on you.”
I half turned and found a tall fellow about 30 with a nordic/semitic face thrust down into mine. The somnambulant girl was coming awake. She planted herself in front of me and said: “I’d like to slap you.”
The guy said: “How’d you like me to kick the shit out of you then piss in your mouth?”
I asked the girl if she had read any Revisionist literature.
“I’d just like to slap your face,” she said.
The guy said: “You want me to piss in your mouth? Would you like that?”
I didn’t think that I’d really care for it so I went back onto the sound stage and told Williams that there was going to be a problem with some of his friends. Williams yelled for his producer and after 15, or 20 minutes two squad cars pulled into the little parking lot. A cab was called to take me to the airport, which was a subterfuge, and the cops held the JDL in the parking lot while they yelled around and the taxi driver headed back to Boston.
The cabby, a fat, long-haired Irish kid, turned out to be a history major at Boston U. so I gave him some literature. His immediate worry was that we not be followed. He took such a circuitous route to get me back to my motel that when I signed the stations’s chit the ride had cost WFXT-TV fifty-six dollars.

I wish I was there!

I would more calmly state:

  • What do you mean where how did they all die?  First of all, how many are we talking about?  What are your figures?  Nevermind hearsay, you must have some documentation right?  What?  Just hearsay?
  • So your documentation does not show the numbers?  Your experts?  Your Historians you quote?
  • What if there were actual Autopsies?  Do you not know of any?  If not, why not?  Is this what the CIA asks when they see dead bodies?  How about even fictional characters, like Captain Kirk of Star Trek? Was he not always asking for such analysis from “Bones” (his doctor)?  You see a dead body or piles of them and you never ask for an evaluation? *Hint* there was Autopsies done.  I know the results, why don’t you?
  • First time hearing of lampshades being made of Goatskin passed off as Jewish Skin?  How much research have you done on this?  You believe anything you are told?  What about Doctors that will back up that humans can be turned into Soap?  Have you ever questioned this?
  • Your witness saw Gas Chambers at Dachau?  Why then has there been a sign put in those “alleged Gas Chambers” stating that the rooms were never used for that?  Yet you were a Veteran?  A Liberator?  First Hand Knowledge?  First you saw dead bodies, and never cared about Medical Reports of why they died, and now you say you saw Gas Chambers but have evidence showing yourself incorrect, but you never even knew that?  Now you are relating your “lack of knowledge”?
  • What does a Court Case show for evidence, if you are going to quote it?  Just hearsay?
  • Elie Wiesel the fraud?  Yet you know so little of him that you do not know that he claimed in his book that bodies “spewed blood from the graves” after being buried?  Yet you use him?  How about his claim of burning pits at Auschwitz where the water table was to high to make such pits possible?

Yet all this “Goof” can do (the two of them, Host and JDL Goon) is talk over everyone and call them “Neo-Nazi, part of the Klan”?  Nothing intelligent to say whatsoever.  Yet here, watch the episode:

Jerry Williams show with two Revisionist



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