The TRUTH needs no Legal Protection

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Should people go to jail for presenting alternative evidence?

Especially when the ORIGINAL STORY has been changed and discredited so many times?

It is no excuse to say this is “Defaming the Dead”. They try to pull this trick on 911 as well. To question 911 is to HARM the memory of the dead? The victims families don’t think so.

Take the case of Bob McIlvaine, who lost his 26-year old son, Bobby.

On March 1, 2010, Mr. McIlvaine delivered a petition to each of the 50 members of the New York City Council on behalf of 1,000 architects and engineers. The petition called upon the City Council to open an investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper that was not hit by a plane, which nevertheless fell into its own footprint at 5:20 in the afternoon of September 11th. The federal government said that fire brought down Building 7, however, [more than] 1,277 architects and engineers provide us with overwhelming evidence that Building 7 was brought down with explosives, and that the government deliberately lied to us.

If you were a REAL family member of a victim of this Holocaust, would you NOT want to know all about it? If your family member was on a list? When they got to a camp and what job they might have done? Is this not important to you? Would it not also be important to you as per how they died? Was it in (as you were told) a Gas Chamber? Were they worked to death? Starved to death? Died as a result of Typhoid or Typhus?

Would it not be important to you that you place the blame on the right people? If the cause was Typhus (for instance) was it the Nazi’s fault? Did they not provide the proper (or any) medical treatment? Were they UNABLE to provide the medical treatment because of “Allied Bombing”? Is this not an important question you would ask as a family member of a “non survivor”?

Or, is it possibly that your family member DID in fact survive? They went to another camp? Possibly they went to Israel (as many did after the War) and had been given a new identity? That is documented as to have happened. Is this information NOT important to you?

I would assume it would be, and they people who would wish to keep this information from you, are merely profiting by the lack of information provided. They don’t WANT you to know! They don’t WANT the World to know, that maybe (and most likely) some people are receiving a lot of money for something they do not deserve, while keeping YOU (the innocent family member) in the dark about your family members. Who should be the MOST mad?

Just as with 911, the covering up of information, the constant repeating of Mainstream News of “non proven hearsay” being promoted as FACT when in fact it is worse than hearsay. It is fraud.

Some of the things (most actually) presented at Nuremberg were frauds. They presented Shrunken Heads (said to be Jews), and Lampshades (said to be made from tattooed Jewish skin, later proven as Goatskin), soap (said to be made from Jewish fat, later proven to be fraudulent), electrocution rooms (for Jews to be killed, later silently dropped because of the implausibility), Diesel Gas Vans (for killing Jews, later to be ruled as silly, being that Diesel Exhaust is quite safe and used even in underground mines), mass graves of Polish Officers (now admitted by Russia to be THEIR crime and not that of the Nazi’s) and I could go on, and on.

We have so much fraud here, and so many changes in the accounting. Gas Chambers displayed as such for 70+ years now admitted as reconstructions, built after the war. 6 Million going to 1.5 and now to less than a million, but the only records which match show under 300,000 deaths in ALL camps for ALL nationalities and ALL sects. Much of this is not only openly admitted, but “Iron Clad Provable” and to even mention it is worth Jail Time?

As this is what happens in 17 Countries in the World, and the Zionists are pushing for MORE. They want it to be a crime Worldwide to question the Holocaust, just like they MADE it a crime in the USSR to be Anti-Semitic, and in that case, the punishment was death. Based on what? An accusation?

A German Court recently voiced in a verdict that:

“The Truth is No Excuse”!

Who really wants this suppression of truth? Ask yourself. Is it the victims? Would YOU as a victim want nobody to investigate YOUR death? Even if it was a case where you were killed in the way they THOUGHT you were killed in the first place? Is it YOU the victim that would want this?

If not, then WHO wants suppression of the Truth? If you understand what I am saying, then you probably understand when I say, that to NOT want anyone investigating and talking about YOUR relatives death, would make you either STUPID or CORRUPT.

I see no dishonour in investigating real reasons for the deaths in 911 OR in the Holocaust, if that is what you are going to still call it, after the evidence is all presented and evaluated.

The fact is there IS NO DOCUMENTATION or evidence for claims of the “Ascribed Holocaust”, and when I say “Ascribed”, I mean that in every way you could evaluate it.  Zionists have claimed a Holocaust of 6 Million Jews over 100 times before WWII, all with no evidence, and every time, they achieved PILES of money for the claim in “Sympathy Money”.  NEVER have they actually had any evidence, and this is no different case!  We have plenty of evidence for Holocausts (if labeled that) from everything from the Bolshevik Revolution, to Dresden.  We have “Documentation” for Zionist Plans of Genocide of the entire German Race!  Yet we have nothing for this sick claim, and every single Judge who calls for jailing of people presenting FACTS on this subject is guilty of corruption.  In the very least, absolute ignorance of even what the term “Semitic” means.



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