News how it should be read

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AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A professor emeritus from an esteemed university in the Netherlands whose father was a Nazi (which is a Zionist “Hate Term” of Propaganda) called Jews “parasites” in a televised interview.

Jan Tollenaere, a lecturer on medicinal chemistry who retired from the Utrecht University in 2001, also questioned the (now known fake) historical record on the Holocaust (which is impossible to even describe in any kind of factal detail anymore, with everything ascribed to it being proven false as of 2017)  in an interview aired Thursday by the Canvas broadcaster in Belgium about children of Nazi (the hate term again)  collaborators.

Tollenaere, whose father, Raymond, was in charge of propaganda for the Belgian pro-Nazi (using Hate Term again) collaborationist government of Flanders during the German occupation of Belgium in World War II, said Jews “are not a nice people, (if educated he would say “Zionists”) I don’t feel any warmth toward them.” They are, he added, “parasites, speculators and mean people.”

In the interview, Tollenaere described himself as an anti-Semite. Obviously hoodwinked by Propaganda and not knowing that Semite is a language.

About the (propagandized) Holocaust, Tollenaere said: “Was it really a reality? I think there was propaganda (got that one right) in play to underscore the Holocaust, to exaggerate it and cynically use it, leverage it to extract money.” Ya Think?

A Utrecht University spokeswoman said her institution “fully and clearly distances itself” from Tollenaere, whom she described as a “former employee and nothing more.” But Tollenaere’s page on the university’s website does not make clear he is no longer active with the university or that he retired from it. Allowing himself freedom of speech.

The professor emeritus title “is no honorary title and cannot be taken away, it simply means that he is a retired professor,” the spokeswoman said. Aww Diddums!

Asked whether, given his heritage, the university had looked into Tollenaere’s politics prior to hiring him, she said, “We don’t judge people according to their parents; that would be unfair. We look at faculty and prospective faculty according to their actions.” ← I see new hiring practices being pushed…

The Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, the Netherlands’ foremost watchdog on anti-Semitism which they are either uneducated on as Semitic being a language or simply promoting Zionist Propaganda, condemned Tollenaere’s remarks as disgusting.← and they do NOT promote Israeli Agendas as required in the “watchdogs eyes”.

“Such an anti-Semite must not be allowed to be associated with any educational institute in the Netherlands,” as we want to be ourselves ignorant of the meaning of the word “Semite” and promote the same ignorance in others,  the group said in a statement.

The Forum of Jewish Organizations of the Flemish Region in Belgium and the Joods Actueel Jewish monthly in Antwerp (trying to promote themselves as speaking for ALL Jews, which they do not)  also condemned Tollenaere because they are Zionists. But the Forum also criticized Canvas, the broadcaster, for offering “a podium to the views of Tollenaere’s father.”← People must learn that “Suppression” is the key here!

Separately, the Dutch Party for Freedom, a populist anti-Islam (a Zionist organization promoting hate) party, kicked out a local politician from Rotterdam who posted congratulations on Facebook to David Irving, a Holocaust denier from Britain, on his birthday in March.

“Many more productive years, you really have my respect,” wrote Géza Hegedüs, who headed the party’s Rotterdam operations.

Geert Wilders, the head of the party, which in the March elections emerged as the country’s second largest, said Friday in a statement that Hegedus “would have never received the position” had the party been aware of his views. He should have simply added that the party was clearly a “Zionist Propaganda Party” with no credibility whatsoever.