But…everyone believes in the Holocaust!


They use this system every time they wish to push fraud!

CNN does it all the time.  They (just as with 911) keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it, until they can feel secure enough to simply say…

“We All Know That…”

Yet all we should know is that they are lying, each and every time they Preface any statement with that claim.  It should be a RED FLAG for you when you hear it!  They are about to lie to you.  There actually is no other reason to use that preface, but in order to lie.  It is always a lie that they are prefacing.

Let me ask you.  Why are we still talking about Hitler and Gas Chambers in 2017?  Why do you hear it constantly on Mainstream Media?  Should it have any relevance to today whatsoever?  No.  The people who would have been mostly harmed back during that time are for the most part dead.  They are gone.  Very few remain.  If this is true, which it is, then why do you hear a reference to Hitler or the Holocaust (as it is fabled) on a Monthly,  sometimes even Weekly, and often on a Daily basis?  How could this be?


As with “Witch Burning” all you need is a Majority

Ohh, and don’t say that the Masses did not come to see the show.  Do not try to tell me that a vast majority of people did not come to see the injustices of the past, like Public Hangings, Beheadings and yes Witch Burning.

Just because you can convince enough people to repeat the same lie, it does not lend credence to the lie now being true.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.40.43 PM

What is underlined in RED seems more Plausible

The rest of it is pure garbage, as the argument seems to be that you have investigated too much, and it is better just to believe.  We hear these arguments in all kinds of false beliefs, from the Earth being Flat to the presence of Witches in our midst.   Everyone believes what they have been told, is the argument.  Face it.  That is what you are saying.

You are also refusing to look at the evidence.  With this philosophy, why do we even have Courts of law?  Yet even with our Courts, we have “Corrupt Judges” as clearly is the case in the Lipstadt vs Irving case, as anyone should see.

Yet what I would like to impress on “YOU” Grasshopper, is that unless they can specifically discuss any aspect of “Said Holocaust” with any form of validity, not based on hearsay, or what could be ascribed to “Common Knowledge”, then you have won the day.



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