Thank You Ingrid

Ernst Zundel’s Wife.  A true Hero to Womanhood!

He was so lucky to have you.  I would be so proud to have a Wife like you.  Every Man’s dream.  Intelligent beyond intelligent.  The BEST of the BEST and there is no better!  Ernst would be and was so Proud of you!  So am I.

Denied access to her husband for years, and denied access before he died, even to go to his funeral, this Woman now releases all of his works, and she does it for you and me, in the Memory of her Husband.

Her pain is only because she backed the TRUTH and she knew “First Hand” how Ernst told the truth.  She is a hero, beyond hero’s!  A wonderful Woman indeed!

For those of you who do not know how she met Ernst, I wish to relate this video of HER experience, and her own journalistic excellence when meeting Ernst.  She did not need him.  She wanted him.  She proved her worth.  Far beyond any Woman I have ever seen.

Why Ernst fell in love

Ernst is dead unfortunately, but he has suffered all the “slings and arrows” on purpose for honesty, and truth and humanity, and for “Canadians”.  He too was the best.  Yet Ingrid could simply wallow in grief at his loss.  She doesn’t.  She stands behind her Man even after death, and produces what has been suppressed of Ernst’s Videos:

Diesels, gaswagons and Zyklon B with Fritz Berg Automotive Engineer