Hiding behind their Propaganda!

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The cannot dispute your claims.  You are right and they:

Know It!


They spew their Propaganda and they have no backing for it!  It hurts humanity.  It hurts you!  Yet they are cowards!  They cannot debate it. No, they make laws to prevent debate!  They are cowards!

The same cowards that won’t answer their phone.  Unless as per business, letting it go over to “Voice Mail”.  They are cowards.  Cowards who have no backing for their cause, but Propaganda and also have no thought as to what impact their Propaganda does to overall Society.  Cowards!  Purely Cowards!  Worthless scum on the face of this Earth.  Call them out as Cowards!

Say it.   Call them on it.  Make it clear that YOU are up for debate.  YOU are not hiding.  YOU know your stuff!  Now, what is their stuff?  Hearsay?  Propaganda?  Back it!

Don’t give me “Confessions Derived From Torture” as I can make you admit your Mother is Purple under torture!  That is no confession!

Give me HARD evidence!  Something factual and real!  Do not claim that “everyone knows the Holocaust happened”, as I first want you to explain what the Holocaust is.  Then I want evidence for it.


You go further!  Never mind hearsay.  Never mind confessions under torture.  Give me something real!  Something absolute.  Quit lying to me!  Quit hiding you Coward!

I want you to look at all the people who have been Jailed and Beaten and unfairly treated and say it just “doesn’t Matter”.  I want you to look at the Media and the Banking and your Politicians and say it is “Old News”!

Come on Coward!  Quit running from it.  Produce your evidence!  Otherwise you are:


On the face of this Earth, and all you are doing is promoting more of the same, as you are either “Ignorant” or you are “Complicient”, but either way, you are a Coward!

I am gonna stand up for Ernst as he was right.  I am gonna stand up for Hitler as he was also correct.  I want you to fight me on that, Coward!  Come on!  Never mind Violence.  Let’s talk real!

Beat me in an honest debate!  Do not try to “Silence Me” as I will come back will all of my Minnious!  I will never be defeated!  You will have to face me Coward.



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