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You do it on a “Regular Basis” and I want to tune in with



Stop this bullshit!  Make an impact!  I cannot do this alone.  You have to help me.


This information has been out here for YEARS and yet they are still saying 6 Million and Holocaust on a regular basis!  They are still calling Hitler down as it is a “”re-reconcieced FACT”

This is a LIE

This never happened.  It was a lie from the beginning.  Please investigate!  I am not gonna tell you where to go.  Please investigate!


Ss most people (especially White People) understand that wrong is wrong.  Even if it as atainst those you dislike.  Wrong is wrong and y ou know the difference.

Do not ever promote what I say using




I swear if you ever do that, you are not on “My Team” as we will do this without violence and we will do a good job at it!

I LOVED my Wife and I loved my Daughters, but when it gave me the excuse to use Violence as the only other option, I knew that was wrong!

Those “Forced” to change their minds, are under the Same Belief that they were preiously.  All they did was suuccumb to your demands.  Yet it is not real.


You will NEVER force someone to change their opinion.  You must be nice.


You know, they do not think they are “terrible people” either.  They think they are right and you are an “Anti Semite” as they are uneducated on.  Come on!  Give them a break!


You need not wave your ec\education like a “Cock in the Air”!  Yeah you are more informed, and granted “YOU ARE RIGHT”… but these are people just like you.

Don’t call them Assholes (which they are) and do not belittle them, as you believed this crap too!  Didn’t you?

I want you to think about how you were convinced.  How hard that was.  I want you to examine that first.


I loved my Ex Wife and I had to walk away from her and even my Children (as painful as that may be) and I  learned about Humanity.  I have made many mistakes.  Very sorry for them.  I WAS SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP! Yet today I know better.  You cannot do anything about your losses.  Nothing will suffice, nor will people be willing to re-ENTER that conversation, but this is not something we can pass off as that.  As relevant as it may be.


This is involving not only YOUR life, or your kids.  This is ALL of Humanity!  You must help me spread the News!  I am counting on you, and some of you are doing a “GOOD JOB” but we have to blow this out the window!


My Daughters?

I would die for them.  In an instant!  I bet you feel the same!

I made a mistake.  With my wife and kids.  I cannot seem to come back from it.  I wish I could.  Yet I know the truth and I moved on.  I was wrong.  I am guilty.  I admit it.


Now it is time for you to make you admit that you  are guilty as well.That is gonna be tough but MORE important than my )insignificant to you) relationship with someone who I honestly loved and still do.  You care about someone, don’t you?  Like me?


I was wrong and I do not even have the opportunity to admit my guilt.  I believed what I believed and I was wrong.  Shamefully wrong!  It effected the rest of my life and that of my own Daughters.  I am totally to blame.  I was wrong.

Don’t let ME be YOU!

How does this all “Relate”?

Ok Grasshopper, how it relates it this.

I believed in something and I was wrong, but after all I did little investigation on it and I backed my life on it.  I was an idiot.  Yet it was not just my own idiocy that affected humanity, aS I BORE 2 GIRLS.  2 OF WHICH KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME Or they ARE TOTALLY LOST AS TO WHO I AM AS THEY ARE IN PROPAGANDA. Told to them “maybe to save  face” but explaid as as propaganda. They believe it as it is the only information that they have been given.  See how this affects you?  And YOUR Children?  Am I to hate her?  They deserved an explanation.  However she spun it, she had to protect the “Present Family” and she had to throw me under the bus!

It is one thing for ME to be an Asshole.  Wrong.  Total Jerk or Alcoholic or whatever. (none of those by the way).


Yet to let this lie continue on. is destructive to all of humanity, and I want your help!


SO DO YOU GET OT NOW?  IT CONTINUES!  On and on and what it morphed into I cannot even imagine!  We need to stop this NOW!


Let’s go back to decency.  You know, most people are decent.  If you don’t know that. learn!

These people in control of our media and Government are Evil.  They do not care about you.  They laugh at you.  They think you are a JOKE!

Yet you are not a joke, are you?  You are not a JOKE are you?  Are you?

Laugh back at them as I am behind you!  I am behind all that is right, and even admitting my mistakes.  I own what I am wrong about.  I cannot condone violence to make the issue, but I know some will.  I am strongly against that!



Now spread this!  Pick your Favourite! Please.44



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