Did you put your Helmet on?

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 7.39.24 PMas running around without a Helmet might be dangerous!  Should you not “Strap One On”?


Huh? I get tired of dealing with Idiots and then realizing that they were idiots and it is way too far along the game time to understand that I was talking to a Moron in the first place!

Why must I deal with Morons?  Why?  Why cannot I just have an “Intellectual Discussion” with someone, and not deal with Mokons?  Huh?


No God, honestly No God Exists!

Nor would you want it.  Think about it.  After you die with all your humanly functions, do Spirits want to get laid?  Do Spirits care about food?  The car you drive?  How do you “[recently” relate to a spirit moron?


Sorry if that was tough to swallow.  It is real however.

Now I could give you another link to prove that everything else you we3re told was pure bullshit, but you are already here.  Tiy cab find “About” in the sidebar!






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