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If you never lie, you do not have to remember.  If you need to question something, then it is best you just don’t do it.  The BEST revenge is to not do anything.  It will eat them up inside.

Ben Franklin said, and I agree, as I will Paraphrase:


If someone harms you really badly, and it really hurts you, should you lift “One Finger” in retaliation, the perpetrator is no longer guilty.  They will feel justified.

The best revenge is to do nothing.  There is nothing more frustrating for anyone who wishes to harm you, than for it to have NO IMPACT!

It will eat them up inside.  There is no better revenge than to do nothing.  Think about it.

When the person has made the decision to harm you, they want impact.  They want you to be harmed.  That is their purpose.  They only win if you react.  If you do not react then, they have wasted their time.

The worst thing you can ever do in life is to sleep with a friends or a lovers Mate.  That marks you for life.  There is no escaping it.  Nobody wins here.  There is no coming back from that.  It is the absolute worst thing you could ever do.

Now, if this happens to you, and you react, then you have given credibility to their action  Is that what you want?

Killing them would end their pain.  Is that what you want?  Beating them up would mean they got their “Just Deserts”, but is that all they deserve?  There is nothing worse that you can do, in order to revenge yourself in the face of it, than to do absolutely …



Ohh and believe me, it works!  I am almost 60 now and I have watched it work.  It does work. Let THEM spin as you did nothing wrong..  They have to live with their misdeed.  Ohh sure, they wanted to hurt you, but only if you get hurt did they win.  Do not let them win.

These “asswhipes” who make laws preventing debate on the Holocaust or even the facts being presented are hiding too.  Guilty as hell.  They know it.  It is only if you “Sing Their Songs” that you show your lack of intelligence.  Everyone who does sing their songs show clearly their lack of intelligence and lack of research.


To Thine Own Self Be True.


My Father said something important to me as a boy.  He said “Jimmy” (he always called me Jimmy) in your life, you will always come to 2 roads.  There is a right road and a wrong road.  You will know the difference.

All I am asking for you do do Son, is to take that “Right Road”.

He continued.  He said, now sometimes you will be on the right side of the road, but there is a drunk driver barreling over the hill ahead of you and he is on the wrong side of that road.  You are on the right side, but if you do not swerve and get out of the way of that drunk driver, then you are going to be “Dead Right”.  Yes Jimmy, you must swerve.

However, once out of danger, I want you to get right back on that “Right Side Of The Road”.

See?  He was right, wasn’t he?  I know that today, as I become a Senior.  You need to know that too.  I do not need to teach you.  You know right and wrong.

Now a vast MAJORITY of people are good people.  There are just a few evil ones.  They climb to the top, being evil.  You know that.  They are the Elite.  Yeah they are smart, but so are you.  You know right and wrong.

Idiots sing songs because they know no better.  John Lennon said, if you want to make a Hit Song, make it simple.  Simple enough so the stupid people can understand it.  Like “She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”.

Don’t be one of the stupid ones.



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