The Year of 2017 on Hollow-Hoax

ending out 2015

We endured a “Turbulent Year”, but we are winning!

I began exposing the Hollow-Hoax on Facebook many years ago, but I had much to learn myself over the  years that followed.  It wasn’t until the Election was over in Canada, and I was pretty much done exposing “The Harper”, after he lost finally the Election, that I began to expose much of what I had learned.  Yet I still had not learned it all.

I was yet to learn of the Scofield Bible and its roots, infiltrating the “Christian Zionist” end of the push for Israel, and Zionist “hoodwinking” in overdrive.  Once I had done that, my mind opened to the deeper facts of Zionism.

The Frauds of Anti-Semitism itself, along with what became the most popular post of 2017,

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 2.01.53 PM

When the Khazars became Jews (Zionists)

Hollow-Hoax has had many transitions as the Zionists have frantically tried to suppress it.  Even though the posts (themselves) displayed links which were not really unknown, nor would they be hard to find, but the format in which I designed Hollow-Hoax was more in tune with sharing for Social Media, which I was more experienced in.

The MOST successful it ever got was under the “Medium” format, before Medium banned the entire site (without warning).  7000 views per week!  Even when they banned it on Weebly, the Stats were much the same.

Screenshot 2017-09-07 11.12.16

I just transferred the posts (as best I could) here, and I also was able to keep Hollow-Hoax running on Google + (although they stopped the sharing (except internally on Google +) to other Social Media.

Some of the posts just caused “Absolute Outrage”, and I laughed as I made the Zionists look silly. No Smoke from Crematoriums?


Displaying the facts in an open way, with photo evidence, just made Zionists “Frigging Mad”, and I smile.  As it is not just me spreading the truth.  You are too “Grasshopper”!


So, in this NEW format, which I control, hosting it myself and OWNING the name, funding it myself, and refusing to take a “Dime” for my efforts…


I am Proud to Continue in 2018!

Keep Sharing!



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