Rejecting HATE and who is getting it wrong.

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Confusion is a “Two Edged Sword” and HERE is an example:

I am not behind “White Supremacist Groups”, even being white myself, if it means Violence.  If it morphs into HATE.  That is no solution, and that is not what I promote here.  Completely the opposite.

As much as groups “under suppression” like people of color or people of different ethnicity may be, taking up their own “Banner of Pride”, I also see no reason not to be proud of the people you come from as a race, even if you “Are White”.

Which, in fact, in every aspect, is now a minority and certainly will become more so in the future.  Hitler wanted you to be proud of your race.  He wanted Blacks and Muslims and Jews to be proud of their race too. While people can say that Hitler hated Jews, it was their lack of respect for RACE that he was not in tune with them on.

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The above quote of his makes sense in “Today’s World” as much as it did then, and you simply need to “skew it with hate” in order to take it further.  Unless you can honestly ascribe “Deportation” of agents not in tune with the plans of the State, you have to pull a feather out of your cap, called Genocide, in order to make truth into hate.  Hitler merely wanted no more “Zionist Control” of Germany.  People who were not behind the German People, but simply exploiting them for their own purposes.  You need to morph his statements into hate, in order to justify violence.  This is what the Zionists do and have done for years.

In today’s World, I do not see a solution in violence, and neither did Hitler in his.  Yet today the main guy they like to throw in your face is David Duke

This is another guy that the Zionists love to “morph” into a “Hate Monger”  and someone who promotes violence.  They constantly bring up his very long ago association with the KKK, but in fact, he tried to reform it to be Non-Violent before he left it YEARS AGO!

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You have to do some “Extreme Morphing” to turn either Hitler or David Duke into “Hate Mongers” and certainly never give a “Realistic Example”, as to do so, would leave you with your foot in your mouth.

I personally do not wish to “Hitch My Wagon” to either of these guys, but I also can call a “Card for a Card”, and neither of these people are exactly like, or in “some instances” anything like they are portrayed in Mainstream Media like with this clip:

11 Min Recent Segment from Megan Kelly

While they can condemn someone promoting hate, if it is directed in any way against Zionists, a blind eye is turned toward “Zionist Hate Propaganda” against Muslims, Germans, Palestinians etc.

Even if disproven, they are allowed their HATE Museums, showing mock ups of disproven Gas Chambers and the 6 Million Jewish Genocide Lies on a regular basis.  They can keep Palestinians in Jails (the biggest Ghetto in World History (Gaza)) and promote (not just with speech) the killing of people Worldwide.  Wars, millions of deaths, all for their agenda, and to question it being the other side of this hate sword is to be what they have a term for, being Anti-Semitic.

I do not promote Skinheads or White Superiority being voiced by Violence.  Not in any way, and I am Anti-Violent in every aspect.  I do not believe in War at all.  Yet Zionists not only promote it, they carry it out, while the World is supposed to condemn it, except when it is their OWN PROMOTION.

It is ok for them to call on a Worldwide Boycott on Germany when it suits their interest, but it is not ok to support B.D.S. (boycott Israel) for their misdeeds.  It is fine for THEM to call Palestinian Children “little snakes”, and do that as “Government Policy”.  It is fine for them to promote “German Genocide”too.  As long as nothing is directed at them, they expect the World to give them free reign when it is their OWN PROMOTION.



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