None of what I do is about me

not about me

I am a Humanist.

I have been a Salesman in “Your World” for a number of years, and I am still a Salesman.  However, I have always had conditions.  I would not sell that which I did not believe in.

I will not sell life insurance, as the close is too hard.  “What?  Don’t you love your Wife or kids”?  No.  I stopped selling Kirby Vacuum Cleaners as you do not need to suck steel balls out of your carpet.  Certainly good for Industrial use, but not needed for a home.

Filter Queens can be converted to “hair dryers”, but if I come home and find my Mother drying her hair with a Filter Queen, I am taking her to a home.

Luckily my Mother was not that stupid, and also passed on.

I know the difference between “Good Sales” and “Bad Sales” and I wish not to be a part of the latter.  I will play with the stupid, but merely for the purpose of a very small gain.  Overall, they must have an opportunity to win.  If not, I am out.

I am a “Good Salesman” and I have trained “Sales Teams”.  I have been quite successful at doing that.  Again, I only work in situations where there is “mutual benefit”.

I know of my others.  The “Unscrupulous Sales Reps”, and I admonish them.  They present a bad reputation on the whole.

As being a Salesman, you should be proud.  You are helping humanity.  If you do not present your product or service, then the customer has no knowledge of it.

It should be done “Professionally” and it should be done in a way where the cost does not outweigh the benefit.  There are good Salesmen.  In fact, any really “Good” Salesman or Saleswoman, has your interests in mind.  Bad Salespeople go by the wayside.  Con Artists and the like are never successful for long.  You may come across them, but they are short lived and rare, and certainly not that good.

I claim to be one of the “Good Ones”.  Yet Sir or Madam, you would not have your Job if a Salesperson did not sell it for you!  So wake up!  Salespeople support the houses and the cars and the 2.2 Children ratio (if we are to have that) and they are the only reason why you are looking at this screen right now!  Salespeople have a certain purpose in life.

However, what if we wipe all of that?  Look at as if (right or wrong) the monetary system must continue to exist?  Hey, I am not disagreeing here.  It is something to consider after all as…

I am a Humanist

So, wipe that off the table.  It is too complex and probably not solved in our lifetime as we see it.  Let’s talk humanity.

Nikola Tesla was a Humanist

He too did not care for money.  Did not want a Wife or Kids.  He negated that.  He was a “spendthrift” (like me) when he got money, as he did not see the value in it. Nor do I today, but that is another subject.

Tesla was a Genius, and he worked for Humanity.  He did not care what people thought of him.  The reason why you have your Cell Phone right now, is that Tesla envisioned it in the early 1900’s and he made a way “Scientifically” to make it possible.  He was attacked, and he was suppressed, and because of these attacks and suppressions, we had to wait.  At least until the evidence was so “Overwhelming” that he was correct, that you began to get the first Remote Control, ohh and your Cell Phone.  This was all possible from back in his day.  Yet you were not allowed to hear the information.  Your parents might have heard it, or your Grandparents, but they were still trying to figure out if that “Remote Control Boat” that Tesla demonstrated in the 1800’s was an act of the DEVIL or actual Science, and they (from their upbringing) were kinda confused.

It took until what?  The 1950’s or 60’s for the richest of the rich to get their first “remote control door opener”?  Why was that?  If he had invented it and demonstrated it in the 1800’s, then why would this take 50 or more years to get to YOU in the marketplace?

Don’t blame it on the Salesmen.  They were lining up for the Tech.  Nope.  It was “Suppression and Control” that kept this tech from you.  Your Parents could have had a Samsung S7 in 1950 if not for all this suppression.  Who did it?  The Elite.

Whether you wish to believe me or not, the top of the Elite are… guess who?  3 Choices and the first two do not count.  You know who they were.  I do not even have to mention the name of the sect.

Yet we have gotten through this, and we got to wireless and we got to Solar Power and we got to some sort of “Social Welfare” since then, and we have constantly been trying to get away from the KING and to have rights for the PEOPLE.

I suggest you look at the Magna Carta, as although it was in the 1200’s and not very representative of today (as per its wording), it outlined “Elite Rights” (which should not be made way for anyway) and “Human Rights” as per the right to survive.

In the USA, your Constitution was based on that!  An escape.  From the Colonial System which was corrupt.  Bad News!  The people (that would be you by the way) wanted out of this crap!

The Elite (nomatter who you call them) are responsible again for the position you are in and they have way more money than they can ever spend, and have raped you to the point where you can barely survive.

Ohh and that goes for YOU TOO who own a car and a house.  You don’t really own this depreciating asset.  They own it.  You are renting from them.  Ohh and FOREVER!

So the goal is to get into that upper 1% or your are screwed.  Either way!  Should that be the Goal for Humanity?

Now you can say, “What else are we gonna do”? and that might be a fine argument, but will anything change if you do nothing?  Are you not a “Sucker” in that home paying a Mortgage?  Are you not a sucker using and paying for that “Automobile” to get to work to pay for that Mortgage?

If everyone listened to me, would the World collapse?  Is there another way?

Socialism is a “Morph” of “National Socialism” that worked, and it was so successful that the Zionists had to end it, discredit it, and rub it in the mud.  So many lies have come from this promotion of National Socialism being a BAD DEAL, that your are still saying the “Zionist Term” of Nazi.  Looking at it as overly bad, when in fact you have no idea what the term actually means.

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