What happens to people who report the Truth?


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This is why I do this for free

I love Journalists who uncover the truth, and Historians that do the same, like David Irving.  However, I must say that when there is money involved, they are somewhat a justified target.  At least in some people’s eyes.  What I do, I do for Humanity, and I think it an INSULT to take money for what I do for Humanity.

However, I must acknowledge that such Journalists and Historians I draw from, making money, I would be impotent without.  Still, this is what I face, when spreading the Truth and I think that YOU as my Minions will complete my task, no matter whatever happens to me anyway.

Netflix is running a Movie on this story right now!

I is called “Kill the Messenger” and it is an appropriate title.  Today it is “Old News” that the US Government (using CIA) ran drugs to finance an operation in Nicaragua and fund Contra’s.  No biggie, if you are under the understanding just how Corrupt the US Government is, but someone reporting on this and “Breaking The Story” died for this.

Gary Webb is reported to have taken his own life, in the end, by suicide.  That’s the story.

Two Bullets in the Head!

I am guessing he must have wanted to be sure and so after shooting himself in the head once, he retained enough composure to fire once more, to make sure he was dead.

Hey, that’s the Story!

You swallow it don’t you?  Like the Holocaust?  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Here is a Clip of Him Still Alive

Now, until the Internet (and it is still in its infancy) “silence was golden” and as long as you OWNED the Media, you could own the mind of the populace, and that is how good Goyim are handled.  As sheep who will believe anything told to them.

Yet you Grasshoppers are going to be different!

We are gonna shove TRUTH right down their throats, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop us!  One guy said to me, and I replied:

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Ohh, and I not only expect that to be true, but I know it is true!  You might be able, if you could find any real justification for it, kill me off, but you are NOT getting all my minions spreading the truth, like you!

We are only winning because YOU

Are Sharing!

I am not concerned with Facebook suppression.  I know how popular my posts have been, and I know that they therefore will have a long life and sharing capacity.  After all, I am simply sharing RESEARCH in a different format than the ones making money from the education are doing.  A different way.  Putting all the tools of Journalism into your hands.  With me simply as an “Educated Person Pointing” to the information you should be sharing.

I will never see a World in which all the lies are fully exposed.  I will be long passed before that, if it is all possible, at all.

However, what I am exposing is the “Right Thing To Do” and if me refusing to make money from the process is of any “Special Relevance” to you, then so be it.

However, in my mind, money does not mean anything.  Love is everything.  When you go to your Deathbed, you will not be thinking about the MONEY you made or the material things you acquired.  You will merely be thinking of the “Lives You Touched” and if you did not touch any lives, then YOU are the idiot!



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