Be aware! It is now illegal to apologize to your Mom!

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On my Facebook Friends list, I sent a letter to the Jasper City Council when they denied her a Busking Licence.

She plays the fiddle, and it makes no political statement when she does.  Yet as a former Member of the Green Party (me too by the way (former)) an outrage was made when she came out with her video:

Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust

It was an outrage to me that they might block her from making the very little money she did make from busking, because Zionists do not like what she told her Mom.  Her crime?  She educated herself!  Following another HERO in Canada:


Who spent the better part of the end of his life in Jail in Canada, making way for YOUR AND MY right to Free Speech, and ultimately won!  Well, if you could call being kidnapped after the win, illegally, and eventually whisked away to Germany where they put him through this too.  Monica was going to the trial of His Lawyer, who also has spent time in Jail for defending Ernst, and unable to present any real evidence in a Court of Law in Germany, was jailed for speaking of what happened later:

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Of course there would be a Media Suppression in Germany as per Sylvia’s new trial, and it would not be filmed.  I am guessing Monika was offered a trip to be present at the trial, and when the Zionists (who were obviously looking at the audience) saw her, they got the corrupt Judge to call for a recess, in order to have Monkia arrested.

I would have advised her not to go to Germany.  I cannot blame her, if she would not listen, as without people like Her, and our “Labeled Nazi Grandma”:

vicious criminals

standing up for YOUR RIGHTS AND MINE, along with Ernst Zundel, humanity might go down the tubes just a little faster than it is.  So?  What has to be done?

YOU need to Share and Share and Share!

That is what!

Monika Schaefer arrested in Germany! (4 Min)



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