Hitler’s generous peace offers D. Irving

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David Irving on Real History Oct 2009. Part 2 of 8: Real Hitler as seen by his private staff. Hitler’s magnanimous peace offer. Primary sources die; Nuremberg and interrogation records have obvious problems. Irving found transcripts of eavesdropped captured German staff. Jews killed in Riga probably authentic.

Hitler had no other choice but to launch an attack against Poland.  Saving face to the German People, Germans being raped and killed on the other side of the Polish Corridor was something he could not ignore.  Especially when the Poles were being coerced by both the British and the French to provoke Germany.

Not wanting a 2 Front War, Hitler had to make a deal with the Devil (Stalin) and launch an invasion, in which he would need to allow Stalin to take half.  Yet immediately after success in Poland, Hitler offered to withdraw.  Withdraw all his troops from all but the Polish Corridor (instituted unfairly by the Versailles Treaty) splitting Germany.

The Peace Offer was turned down by both Britain and France, and as they sent in troops to fight this unnecessary War, the German Troops came out Victorious!  Beating back the French (occupying all of France) and pushing the British to the Sea, with their backs to it in Dunkirk.

Victorious yes, but Hitler still wanted Peace.  He offered again to withdraw from now, not only Poland (except for the disputed Corridor) but from France as well.  The War should have ended right there in 1940.

Nothing overall, after the Millions of Lives wasted in the fighting of the War, for the next 5 years was really ever accomplished in retrospect.  That “Golden Polish Corridor” fought over does not exist today, splitting Germany.  No significant gains were made by the continuation of the War in 1940.  Only the loss of Allied and Axis Lives along with the total destruction of Cities, and insurmountable War Crimes were the product of continued fighting.

All over a Polish Corridor that no longer exists.  If that was what the War was over, then I guess Hitler won.

David Irving – 2/8 – Hitler’s generous peace offers; Hitler’s staff

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