Imprisonment in Germany for Holocaust Denial

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This is a Jan. 12, 2018 update from Alfred Schaefer about his sister Monika Schaefer who is currently imprisoned in maximum security in Germany and out of communication will all but her lawyer. Alfred Schaefer can be contacted at: and his Alfred S channel is at: The June, 2016 video that made Monika famous, and infamous to the international Jews is: Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust… Please send letters of support to Monika Schaefer in detention. They will have an effect upon the German government and it is up to us to raise a storm for her and for the future of all mankind. You can address your letter: The Political Prisoner, The Hero of Free Speech, Monika Schaefer, JVA Stadelheim Schwarzenbergstr. 14 D – 81549 M√ľnchen Germany The Truth and Justice for Germans Society is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and is committed to the truth about the revisionist history of WW II Germany.

Jan. 12th Update from Alfred on Monika Schaefer.



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