Don’t be Intimidated to not Share the Truth!

dont be intimidated

Many of my followers are afraid to share, in fear of Facebook.

If you allow this to be successful (their game of intimidation) THEY WIN!

And we are not going to let them win are we?  Sitting on the truth and not sharing it has gotten us what so far?  Walls in Palestine?  Genocide of Palestinians? Sympathy Money in the amounts of 13 Trillion paid out so far for this story of PURE FRAUD?

Is it going to change if you let “other people” do something about it?  Well?

After my last 30 day suspension, I shared the previous post to this in Facebook to Truth Groups and Revisionist Groups.  That ONE posting earned me another 5 day suspension.

Do I care?  No.  It is simply proof to me, as to how afraid they are (the Zionists) of the Truth being exposed, and a “confirmation of my power” in dealing with this situation.

I went to the extra trouble to design, pay for, and host this site, in order to prevent suppression of the truth, and to make it easy for you to share from it, enabling you the same power, for free.

What I do, I do for the sake of Humanity.  What I am doing WILL WORK eventually, but there is one fly in the ointment.  That is you not sharing.

Just because they are MEAN is not good reason for you to “Wimp Out”!  Do not let them stop you.  I am here to provide you with the proof and the motivation.  I am on your side.

and pathetic

Don’t let them stop YOU!

No Kidding, go Get Em!



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