I do not need the Masses, but the Intellectuals.

Masses are easily led.

Let’s go for a “Higher Goal” shall we?  We are the “Teachers” and we can do this.

In the past, they tried to kill all the Intellectuals.  There were few of them, as a matter of fact.  It was relatively much easier, except for those who stayed quiet.  Today, I doubt they can kill off the Intellectuals as they have before.  Either way, even for death, it is better that the Intellectuals stand up for Humanity.

Albert was not such a Genius.  Most of his work was done by his Wife if your research it, but not respected as she was a Woman.

Nikola Tesla proved that his theory on light being the fastest was not correct.  Tesla proved and documented that Electrical Energy could move faster than the speed of light.

However, what is mis-appropriated to Genius, is just part of the “Con Job”, and in reality YOU are the Genius!

Yet it depends.  How much do you believe?  You know from “Documented Propaganda” with no basis in reality and no evidence to back it up.  You know.  What do you really believe of hearsay?

Yesterday I was talking to a normal person (wrapped up in the propaganda) about Omar Khadr.  He was upset at the 10 million judgement in his favor, for his time as a Canadian held in Gitmo.

Now, let me really ask you a question.  Should some entity (this one the USA) decide to invade your Country without a “Declaration of War” and kill everyone in your town, all of your family, and you are the last Man standing… yet they say you had a Grenade… and you threw it… (as much right you may feel for doing that as if you had one).   You are the “Last Man Standing” and you are shot in the back, transported to Gitmo, and YOU are the terrorist?

Never mind their videos of what they say they took “After the Illegal Invasion”, but actually taken at Gitmo, as nobody would be following around Omar with a Video Camera at the time anyway… can you see how far down the “Rabbit Hole” we go when the average IDIOT can call this guy a Terrorist?  Actually rebel at the 10 Million given to him after his torture?  Still call him a Terrorist when a Court of Law says this is bullshit?

This is how far down the “Rabbit Hole” the Masses are.  Intellectuals are the only solution, and REAL ONES, unlike these Einsteins!