My Dad told me to do the “Right Thing”!


Now I am telling YOU Grasshopper!

I was merely a child.  Maybe 8 or 9.  He told me to the “Right Thing” always, and I argued with him.  How did I think that way at that age?  I argued.  Why argue at 8 with your Dad?  He knows better than you!  Why are you such a JERK Jimmy? He always called me Jimmy.  I hate that.  I see it as a name of disrespect, but I respect my Dad who gave me the name.

Yes I argued with him.  I said “Well, if you are playing Hockey, and the other team is playing football, you are gonna be creamed!”  Yeah you are right!  However you will lose being right!”

Where the HELL did that come from at 8 years old?  Holy Cow!  Who am I?

So in reply he said:

Jimmy, lets make this another scenario.  Let’s say you are driving on the “Right Side” of the road and there is a Truck that is barrelling over the hill ahead of you, on the wrong side of the road.  You may be right (being on the right side of the road) but if you do not swerve, then you are going to be “Dead Right”!  I do not want you to be “Dead Right”, Son.  I want you to swerve, but as soon as that danger has passed, I want you to get back on the “Right Side” of that road!  Hear me?


With that I remained speechless.  He had a point.  This is a lot to comprehend, after all for an 8 year old!  Lots to learn.  I never stop learning.

It is only recently I learned about how fraudulent the Holocaust (as claimed) is, and it is only recently since I began to understand the ramifications.  Only recently did I understand that my Dad (although smart in my mind) was all wrapped up in the Propaganda too.

Ohh lord, this is not the right thing!



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