Photographic Evidence does NOT back up the “Said Holocaust”

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As this site is dedicated to “Truth”, the real truth of the “Said Holocaust” is nothing more or less than virtually MOST of the attributes acclaimed to it are nothing but “Pure Fraud”!

It is nice to say that there is PLENTY OF EVIDENCE for the Holocaust, of WWII, but when asked to be specific, everyone is at a loss.  Other than “Hearsay” and “Tortured Confessions” which have been proven again and again as mere fantasy and lies, the camp in favor of promoting the Holocaust is at a loss to show anything credible.

Why should I have to prove that you do not have a “Pink Elephant that you keep in your living room and talks to you” when the claim is absurd, and it should be YOU who present the proof?  Yet that is exactly the case when it comes to the “Said Holocaust”.

We have a number of victims (as ascribed) picked out of “thin air” and based on denounced hearsay to begin with.  A guy who said another guy said it, when put on trial, discredits this hearsay, stating he never said such a thing.  Yet that is merely the beginning.  From there we (as Revisionists) are able to discredit the rest of the propaganda piece by piece.

From Shrunken Heads to Lampshades made out of Jewish Skin, to Jews turned into Soap, it seems that no matter how much we discredit (one after another) the same claims are made, publicized, taught in Schools, promoted by Mainstream Media and Governments, right down to the “Outrageous Folly” of making “Anti-Free Speech Laws” to silence the truth being told.

Photographic evidence vs the holocaust



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