Arguments for the “Purely Stupid”


I went to a Magic Show and I SAW “with my own two eyes” a Rabbit being Pulled out of a hat!  Don’t tell me my eyes deceived me!  Were you there?  No!  You were not there, and so you know nothing!  There was a cute furry little rabbit pulled out of the Magicians Hat when he reached into it, and there was NO RABBIT beforehand!

When at a loss, they will tell you that THEY went to the show, and they saw what they saw, and you are wrong.

However Auschwitz, “The Ultimate Disneyland of Holocaust Museums” is a show.  Even morons cannot discredit it as not really being a show.  They fly students there to be sent on a tour.  It is all set up for you to enjoy the show.  See the horrors!  For that which they cannot make out with “stories” to make them seem awful, they rebuilt some stuff, like the PROMOTED FOR YEARS Gas Chamber.  They constructed that after the War and they even have a sign outside of it stating that fact.  The rest of the ruined buildings (once morgues) they claim were also gas chambers.  Yet it is all hearsay.  They have no evidence to back it up.

Not a single Autopsy of a “Gas Victim” as none exist!

What they will not show you is the actual autopsies in which it has been shown that over 90% of corpses found in the camps died of Typhus and Typhoid.  No, that might confuse you.  Give the show away.

What might also confuse you might be if you saw the Swimming Pool or the Library.  The Rugby Court or the Concert Hall.  The Hospital or the Brothel.  The “Camp Money” or the Canteen they could spend that money in.  Where they ACTUALLY USED Zyklon B for fumigation of the clothing to prevent disease.  These exhibits are OFF LIMITS to the audience at “Holocaust Disney World”!   Want a real tour?

David Cole in Auschwitz 7 part Playlist



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