The Truth Hiders are Getting Desparate

facebook needs more sheep

From Blocking People’s Posts, to Suspending them, to marking their comments (with links) as Spam…

It sure is costing them plenty of money to “Hunt Down” the intelligent and the “Truth Tellers” just to do it.

Yet it is a losing game, as they are getting desperate (obviously) and that won’t work either, as the intelligent truth tellers leave, they are left with nobody posting but the morons.  Kinda like the selection you will get on Mainstream Media.   Ohh well, people are able to “seek and find” the truth without them, and in reality, the decent of humanity, the most involved in Social Media will migrate away.   I will just keep producing the Truth in all the OTHER venues, and people know where to find me.

As A Exposer Of Truth



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