Memorials Built To Fraud 2018

holocaust 2018

Can you label stuff “Hate Speech”?  Suppress Evidence?

If you are Zionist, you can build “Hate (instead of fun) Houses” and make money!  Promote your agenda.  Notice they always call it “The Holocaust”?

Forgetting of course that:

There have been over 140 Previous Holocaust Claims

Following along with the YouTube Video, I can ask why:

YouTube Video of the Hoodwinking Event

I can start off by saying I agree that it is something that should be looked at WORLDWIDE and that is specifically why I designed this website.  The consequences of this fraud are massive, but I am sure the speaker (as he begins) is not thinking the same way I am.  He is pushing a fraud take, and I am just here to correct the video.

It sure does not take long.  TRUTH IN THE HOLOCAUST?  I will go past the 140+ past false claims of it, and try to focus (I guess) on the one during WWII.  For that specifically, I still will ask… “Where Is The Beef”?  You know, that TRUTH you are talking about?  It was a nice start, but my bag of arguments is unused at this point, with you claiming truth, and making no examples.

Evil Nazi’s?  Criminal Nazi’s?  Perpretrators of what?

Nice to throw some slander around, but I still am unable to dispute what you do not make claim to.  Let’s go on…

Distorting Figures?  A Crime?

Ok, first of all, you tell me what figures can be distorted.  6 Million?  Where did that figure come in?  From a guy that said another guy said it, who when hunted down and put on trial, and asked if he INDEED said that, claimed he did not?  These are the figures that must be written in stone, as you have no other evidence for them, and to call them into question is a distortion?  Ok, but it seems to be a “non starter” to me.

Unspeakable Crime?

Ohh I will go along with you there.  Nobody who believes in it seems to have the guts to be specific about any of it, in fear of being laughed out of the room.  Whether it be 6 Million or Shrunken Heads, or Jews turned into Lampshades, or Soap, or Electrocution Rooms, or Diesel Gas Chambers, or using the “Lice Killing” Zyklon B to do the impossible, all the claims of the believers are worse than laughable.  So laughable, they cannot speak of it or be specific in any way.

30 Survivors?  I am on the “edge of my seat”!

Even though, they could not be “Holocausted” if they are survivors, right?  Maybe badly treated (so they claim) or with “wild stories to tell”?  Ok, go on…

Ok here we go… “Tattoo’s”.

Fortunate the next speaker got it from the right area to get it, in a kibbutz.  As the people who ran the “Tattoo Program” were Zionists.  The Tattoo Number that was stenciled into the skin of people was part of an:

IBM Program owned and run by Zionists

It was short lived, as some people got outraged at the practice of labeling people.  Guess who that was, and got it stopped?  It was the German People!  It was outrageous to them, but it certainly does not back up any claims of Genocide, or anything else alluded to in a “Said Holocaust”.

Discrimination, Hatred, Nationalism is Bad?

I am guessing you have not been to Israel lately.  Have you ever seen a Palestinian?  Ever look at those Africans escaping certain death being ejected from Israel right now?  Yes I agree with you, it is awful.  Perhaps promoting in Israel’s favor is not the right tactic though.

You bring up “Anti-Semitism” so much, I must wonder…

How can you be so upset at people for being against, even if they are, which I doubt:


You outlawed Denying the Holocaust in Israel?

Well then, I guess you do know of the place.  I was beginning to think with all your self righteous “human rights” talk, you had never been to such a place engulfed in SHEER PREJUDICE, but you think you need laws to back up your bullshit?  I still have not heard any evidence, but I have outlined the past frauds you have claimed before.  Is it “Denial” of the Holocaust if I were to say that there were no Jews turned into Soap or Lampshades?  Would that be a “Punishable Offence”?

Educating Future Generations Matters?

I would be all for that!  This is why I set up this website.  We are educating Worldwide with it.  Yet I have a feeling that when you say education, you instead mean indoctrination, as you need laws to back up your bullshit.  The truth does not.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.25.39 AM

Now we get to a Story of a 6 Year Old (at the time)

Her mother knew they would be killed.  Now I wonder if she was physic or something.  How would she know this?  Did she see it?  Did she believe in hearsay?  Either way, why would she be telling a 6 year old this?  Is this not simply a form of child abuse?

What a great mother.  Based on hearsay, she wants to pay to have her children murdered?  Wow!  Well, she does mention the lice, and therefore the need for Zyklon B, but going on…

I am sorry, but I do not find your Mother “protecting you” by scaring the bjesus out of you and making you think you would be killed, and then paying to have you murdered, only to find out it was not necessary, and you are alive today to tell the story.  Short of any evidence, which you have not provided, I would have to say that your Mother was a very cruel person!

Yeah, you are certainly doing good for the dignity of all people and it would be actually believable if you never set foot in Israel.  Met a Palestinian.  Traveled through the bombed out places in Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan,Syria etc.

Musical Interlude you may wish to skip.  I did.

Each of these names suffered dearly?

Kinda missed that part.  Still on the “Edge of my Seat” waiting for some actual evidence claims of any kind… but go on…

More Music

This is getting kinda weird.  We could all be talking about the “Spaghetti Monster” at this point, and singing songs to him.  Hmm.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.45.05 AM

You may feel a little short changed by their display…

I know I am.  Death Camps?  Perhaps you can explain how they become that from “Labor Camps”, and if you wish to promote them to “Death Camps”, you had better show me some evidence of “Camps Designed to Kill In”.  In that we seem a little lacking.

Mass Execution?  Again, evidence please.  Ghettos or Labor Camps are not a Holocaust.  They had many of those on the Allied side too, and they were not as well equipped with Libraries and Swimming Pools and Rugby Fields, Post Offices, Concert Halls, Movie Theatres, Canteens etc.

Lunchbag Letdown!



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