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When you say Holocaust you are hoodwinked or one of the misled that think the word is a description of ONE, and it is in any way specific.  It is not specific, and for anyone looking at this site, this fact can easily be pointed out.  I am not going to leave you with a bunch of links.  The majority of my other posts have plenty of links.  The Zionists keep having them removed, and I keep replacing them, yet you can find lots of links in the posts here, all found in:


When you say Anti-Semitic you are misled, as you are one of the people who help promote the falsehood of it referring to a Race or Religion, which it is not.  Adding the preface of “Anti” to the word “Semitic” does not change the fact that Semitic is a language and nothing more.  Spoken by some Jews (not primarily) but certainly by Arabs and Palestinians.  To use this word, negates your entire point.  You would not use it if you were not misinformed.  No it is not “using semantics” to point this out.  It is a FACT.  Morphing a language into a race or religion is FRAUD and certainly worse than anything you could acclaim to “Semantics”.

When you use Hitler as an accusation (bad reference) you are misled, as you are the people who help promote the falsehood of Hitler being evil or bad or a madman.  All people have bad traits.  Certainly Hitler was not perfect.  However, if you are using his name as an example of bad, then you are simply unresearched as per the Man.

When you use the term Nazi instead of “National Socialist”, you are misled, as you are one of the people who promote the falsehood of the term itself meaning something evil (promoted by Zionists) and you certainly are not making any bad claims on National Socialism, as you probably can’t.  You must use the Zionist Hate Term in order to make your point, as to be truthful and say “National Socialist” would not suffice for your point.

Those who can discuss WWII and not have any knowledge on the reasons for WWI, and truthfully who started it, and the reasoning for its outcome are lost from the beginning.  To not understand the Versailles Treaty and what it did to Germany before the rise of Hitler is a fallacy.  It is crucial to understanding the rise of Hitler.

To not understand The Transfer Agreement and its relationship to the Zionist Worldwide Boycott of German Goods is a crime in itself, if you are going to push any knowledge you may spout about WWII, and how that war started.

To not understand the success of National Socialism in Germany, from its inception, to the (at least) the beginning of the war is an extreme fallacy.  So successful, it made the World stand in awe.  It made way for jealousy.  It made way for Zionist Scorn, especially after the Transfer Agreement, and the Jailing of Rothschild, and the National Socialist solution to the Rothschild Banking System.

To be under the opinion that Germany Invaded Poland for no good reason, and to negate looking at the Polish Corridor splitting Germany which no longer exists, is more than a fallacy.  It is simply turning a blind eye to the facts.

To ignore the constant and ongoing offers of Peace from Germany, accepting withdrawal from all occupied territory (except that Polish Corridor) is an “insult to even the ignorant”, and something you need to look at.

To ignore the rape and plunder and murder of Millions of Germans after WWII, while promoting a “Fantasy Holocaust” should be more criminal of  you, should you promote these falsehoods in themselves.

If you do not understand all that I just said as being true…  then you certainly need to do some research.

The posts here will give you links, and evidence, but there is far more of that than you will find on just this site.  There are many others exposing the truth, and I hint (by linking) to some of their works, in video, documentation, and their websites.



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