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They seem to report so innocently.  Talking about “Hate Groups” and “Hate Crimes” but never say they are not related.  They certainly will not reveal the SOURCE but when it comes to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it’s roots are blatant as hell!

Like many leftist organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, started out with good intentions. It was founded in 1971 by Morris Dees and Joseph Levin and is headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama.  The Southern Poverty Law Center rightly condemned, as did conservatives such as the great William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan, the American Nazi Party and the Democrat-affiliated Ku Klux Klan.  A favorite SPLC tactic was suing Klan affiliated organizations for their crimes and then distributing the money to the victims.  This strategy has been effective in financially hurting many Klan-related organizations.  SPLC, though always leftist in nature, bravely stood strong through attacks on its headquarters and threats against its leaders by Klansman.  That is to be commended.

Sadly, the Southern Poverty Law Center has more than lost its way.  The going astray from the original mission can be traced back to 1986, when most of the organization resigned, except founder Morris Dees, when Dees turned the focus of the group to strictly monitoring hate groups.

The list of hate groups has kept getting longer and longer while our nation has become more tolerant of those who are different.  In March 2013, the publication Foreign Policy ran an expose on the methodology of SPLC’s listing of hate groups, noting that SPLC counted many groups several times.

The overall impression from SPLC’s list is designed to make Americans believe that America is a nation filled with racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and every other form of hatred that the conservative cause specifically disavows.

SPLC’s senior leadership is shameful.  It uses its past legacy of fighting against racism to add legitimacy to their evolving agenda of hatred towards a large number of Americans who hold conservative and religious values.

In 2010, SPLC added the conservative Family Research Council to its list of hate groups.

In early 2015, SPLC added Dr. Ben Carson to its list of hate groups.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an atheist, feminist, and former Muslim who speaks out against female genital mutilation, was added to the SPLC hate list in recent years.  Ali has many death threats on her life by Islamic radicals but SPLC labels her, and not those who have made the threats, on the hate watch list.

The most recent SPLC controversy involves labeling the Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a speech to ADF last week and was immediately vilified by the left wing media such as ABC for associating with an alleged hate group.  How ridiculous.

Alliance Defending Freedom was founded to “advocate for the rights of people to peacefully and freely speak, live and work according to their faith and conscience without a threat of government punishment.”

Zionist Control of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Of the twenty-two(22) Southern Poverty Law Center senior program staff members, fifteen(15) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 68%. Of the thirteen(13) Southern Poverty Law Center directors, eight(8) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 62%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the Southern Poverty Law Center senior program staff members by a factor of 34 times(3,400 percent), and over-represented on the Southern Poverty Law Center board of directors by a factor of 31 times(3,100 percent).

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation. Based in MontgomeryAlabama, it is noted for its successful legal cases against white supremacist groups, its classification of hate groups and other extremist organizations, and for promoting tolerance education programs.[3][4][5]

SPLC was founded by Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin Jr. in 1971 as a civil rights law firm in Montgomery.[6] Civil rights leader Julian Bond served as president of the board between 1971 and 1979.[7]

Critics of the SPLC say that it chooses its causes with funding and donations in mind,[97]and argue that people and groups designated as ‘hate groups’ are often targeted by protests that prevent them from speaking. The SPLC sometimes responds by reviewing its actions and removing people or organizations from hate listings, such as that of Ben Carson; however, it has stood behind the vast majority of its listings.[15][99][100]


The SPLC’s activities, including litigation, are supported by fundraising efforts, and it does not accept any fees or share in legal judgements awarded to clients it represents in court. Starting in 1974, the SPLC set aside money for its endowment stating that it was “convinced that the day [would] come when non-profit groups [would] no longer be able to rely on support through mail because of posting and printing costs”.[121] For 2016, its endowment was approximately $319 million per its annual report and SPLC spent 68% of its revenue on programs.[1]

In 1994 the Montgomery Advertiser published an eight-part critical report on the SPLC, saying that it exaggerated the threat posed by the Klan and similar groups in order to raise money, discriminated against black employees, and used misleading fundraising tactics. The SPLC dismissed the series as a “hatchet job”. SPLC’s co-founder Joe Levin stated: “The Advertiser’s lack of interest in the center’s programs and its obsessive interest in the center’s financial affairs and Mr. Dees’ personal life makes it obvious to me that the Advertiser simply wants to smear the center and Mr. Dees.”[citation needed][122] The series was nominated for a 1995 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Journalism. Despite an SPLC campaign against the nomination the series was one of three finalists.[123]

Starting in the 1990s, Ken Silverstein writing in Harper’s Magazine and others were critical of the SPLC’s fundraising appeals and finances, alleging that the group has used hyperbole and overstated the prevalence of hate groups to raise large amounts of money.[124]

Based on 2015 figures, Charity Navigator rated the SPLC three out of four stars – 80.44 on financial health matters, 97.00 on accountability and transparency, and 86.00 (out of 100) overall; and GuideStar gives the SPLC a Gold-level rating.[125]

Morris Dees and the SPLC: Agents of Big Jewry

By Patrick Grimm

What is Big Zionism? It is the interconnected network of Zionist organizations, think tanks, lobbyists, supposed “civil rights groups”, charities, media outlets, particular newspapers such as the New York Times and their partners and brothers-in-arms in the bloated federal bureaucracy. Big Jewry may not be monolithic on every issue of the public moment, but they generally take pro-Zionist, pro-Israel, pro-illegal immigration, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-”free trade”, pro-affirmative action positions. They are quite anti-Christian, anti-church, anti-free speech, anti-Gentiles and when it comes right down to it, anti-American. They are pro-Jewish and not much of anything else matters to them. The Tribe comes first and foremost. The rest of their stances naturally follow from this vantage point. They will fund and further the causes that weaken us, and what weakens us puts them squarely in the engineer’s seat of the American cultural train wreck.

I am going to pass over some of the more obvious Jewish groups I have cited before and discuss one particular organization that is run by a gang of perverts, degenerates, and hucksters. I am going to call them out for the filthy anti-American thugs that they truly are. I refer of course to a group with the misnomer The Southern Poverty Law Center. It is ironic that a political propaganda mill with this name has spent years raking in tens of millions of dollars promoting illegal immigration, anti-white racism, homosexuality, the de-Christianization of the US and every other sick far-left cause that is ripping America apart at the Constitutional seams. This “poverty” group has nothing to do with assisting or empowering the poor and downtrodden and everything to do with lining the pockets of elitist Jews and tossing some of the profits back into the coffers of Big Jewry.

The Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC is ostensibly a political group fighting for equal rights, particularly for minorities, but a closer inspection of this oft-cited leftist rat’s nest reveals a darker agenda. The SPLC is, more than everything else it might be, an anti-white and anti-freedom law firm. It was founded by two Zionists, Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin, Jr. We can now turn to Wikipedia for a description, albeit a slanted and deceptive one, of the SPLC. Wikipedia states warmly and probably with a Jewish smirk: “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American non-profit legal organization, whose stated purpose is to combat racism and promote civil rights through research, education, and litigation.” [1] Well, how wonderful!

With wailing whines about the supposed threat of a “growing” Ku Klux Klan and white power groups who are, in the eyes of SPLC, on the rise, this center uses fearmongering and scapegoating as a fundraising drive for their self-serving racket. But you have to hand it to Dees and Levin. Their scare tactics and alarmist website and mailings have kept the leftists hopping. They have also kept these same leftists writing and mailing big checks to the SPLC. In a 2000 issue of Harper’s Magazine, Ken Silverstein wrote in an article entitled appropriately “The Church of Morris Dees” that “Morris Dees doesn’t need your ‘financial support’ because “the SPLC is already the wealthiest ‘civil rights’ group in America.” [2] Just how rich are Dees and his fellow shyster-in-crime, Joe Levin? Silverstein estimates that the Southern Poverty Law Center has a war chest totaling over $120 million, with the center ostentatiously spending over $5.76 million on fundraising alone. I guess “poverty” pays, doesn’t it?

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