When the Khazars Punked the World

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In 70 years, no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the “Nazi gas chambers”

But Europe occupied Canada, and Australia has criminalized what they call “denying the holocaust”. Well, they tried in Canada, anyway, until Zundel did his work. They could not, in the end, criminalize Zundel, but they could deport him to Germany where he could be Criminalized. Canadians (the informed) are grateful to Zundel for his time he spent in jail making Freedom of Speech still relevant.

This in itself is a hoax because in Germany the courts had to invent a “truth is no defense” new judicial concept to block those charged from being able to submit archival evidence in support of their challenges.

The legal reasoning went like this: “You are charged with having challenged the ‘official truth’ of WWII which the law states cannot be legally challenged, but even a felony to do so. Therefore all the prosecutor has to prove is that you made statements or published material to that effect to sustain his charges. Whether the material you wish to submit confirms your position has no bearing on defeating the charge because the truth is no ‘defense’.”

This concept entered the canons of Western jurisprudence without a whimper from the international judicial community anywhere. When I would ask Americans what they thought about Germany’s “Truth is no defense” laws, no one knew anything about them, plus… they thought I was pulling their leg.

Dr. Faurisson has suffered more than most in his attempt to defend scholastic freedom of inquiry, with fines and physical attacks that almost killed him. Rather than such people being treated as heroes for standing up against judicial fascism on a scale equal to anything that the Soviet Union or Red Guards Chinese ever produced, they are shunned out of fear of association, like the Soviets and Chinese people used to cower in fear. In years past, the West used that travesty in their anti-communist propaganda.

Extermination camps: When the Khazars Punked the World by Dr. Robert Faurisson



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