Oliver Stone’s History of the USA

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It is always great to see another perspective put on History, and nice to see how untold stories coincide.  However, Oliver Stone (although doing a great job on US History) does a normal “Propaganda Outline” on WWII and especially National Socialist Germany.

He spends little time admitting that Germany (under the National Socialists and Hitler) was doing WELL by the time the World War started, and it is nice that he declares overall that it was the Soviet Union that ultimately won that war.

Yet when talking WWII, you cannot comment on the aftermath, and never comment on what led to it.  Oliver follows that progression, as Mainstream Media constantly does.

Kristallnacht (or Night of Broken Glass) cannot be discussed as an “Atrocity” as normal Mainstream Media does without explaining what led to it.  The Worldwide Boycott of German Goods.

It (I think) is for this reason that the Transfer Agreement and simply negating to discuss either of these things and pointing out the aftermath is (in my mind) CRIMINAL.

Just like the invasion of Poland cannot be reasonably discussed unless you also discuss the Polish Corridor or the Polish Troops sent into Danzig and the plight of the German People which this corridor was responsible for, Forcing Hitler’s Hand

You cannot talk about the Battle of Britain, and negate to discuss the constant Hitler Peace Offers, and have any credibility whatsoever, but Oliver does.  So does Mainstream Media.  Just like you cannot talk about German Bombing without discussing IN ANY WAY the Bombing of German Cities beforehand.  Yet Oliver does.

So while it may be refreshing to watch a New Documentary on History, please keep in mind…

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