Germanys Climb From The Depression

capitalism does not create jobs

A good reason to suppress the term “National Socialism” and to morph it into a slang of “Nazi” is that National Socialism was so successful. So successful in fact, that it must NOT be discussed in any kind of positive way, especially in the Media, and any hint of its success must be minimized as per the time spent analyzing it.  Well, that is, except here on Hollowhoax.

National Socialism started as a political movement in Germany in 1919. Its official name was the “Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (National Socialist German Workers’ Party); it soon became popularly known as the Nazi party, and its followers were called Nazis. When Adolf Hitler joined the party, Nazism consisted of a little group of unimportant malcontents in Munich. Yet within fourteen years, it became the greatest mass movement in German history, including in its ranks members of all groups of German society, from unemployed workers of the Lumpenproletariat to members of the imperial family of the Hohenzollerns and of several of the royal houses of the German states. By 1932 the Nazi vote had mounted to fourteen million; in the March 1933 election, the last in which opposing parties participated, seventeen million Germans (or 44 percent of the electorate) freely voted for the Nazi party, not to speak of several more millions who voted for nationalist and militarist policies that were barely distinguishable from Nazi objectives.

Thus well over half the German electorate voted for an anti-democratic, totalitarian, imperialistic program. After the elections, only the Social Democrats attempted to resist Nazism in the Reichstag (the Communists had not been allowed to take their seats in the Reichstag). Even the Roman Catholic (and generally democratic) Center party gave Hitler the dictatorial powers he asked for in the Reichstag on March 23, 1933. This was the only case of a modern totalitarian regime that was set up by a majority of the electorate and approved by the parliamentary body of the nation.

Once in power, the Nazi regime lived up to its promises. First, concentration camps were set up for political opponents. Very soon the political offenders were a small minority in the concentration camps; the large majority consisted not of persons who had committed a wrong but who (like the Jews) belonged to the wrong group. Later, during World War n, large numbers of civilians in the occupied countries were put into concentration camps, because they too belonged to a “wrong” social or political group.

We face today what Germany did then short of…

Unfair Reparations for WWI

and the Unfair Versailles Treaty

Yet Germany still did it.  Better, faster, stronger, with more support than any Political System in History, National Socialism made a diamond out of a “Piece of Coal”.  Yet YOU were taught nothing about this, were you.  No College or University Courses did you attend to analyze it. You are kept totally in the dark about this MAJOR success!

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