Swallow the Mainstream News

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So much yelling over one another, but let’s look at her


  • 6 Million Jews were killed?  Please show those “Factual Figures” lady!
  • Adolf Hitler perpetrated a Genocide?  Please show me ONE piece of fact on that lady!
  • The Auschwitz “Death Camp” existed?  Please show me how you explain this as a Death Camp lady, and how you morph a labor camp into one!  Come on!

These are your FACTS?  He has “Crackpot Theories”  Conspiracy Ones?

You have not got a legal leg to stand on about ANY of your so-called “Facts” whatsoever, and although the guy you are attacking, and speaking over, may be outrageous in some ways, your lies and lack of research and spreading of pure FRAUD in your News Media is worse than outrageous.

Viewer, look for yourself



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