One of the BIGGEST LIES on Gun Control


Republican Ben Carson has been criticized for suggesting that gun control enabled the rise of the Nazis and led to the extermination of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.  One might wonder how he even became a Doctor.  He certainly has not researched the 6 Million figure at all.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson discussed his thoughts about Nazi-era gun policies during a National Press Club speech. (Screengrab)

In his book, A More Perfect Union, Carson wrote that “German citizens were disarmed by their government in the late 1930s, and by the mid-1940s Hitler’s regime had mercilessly slaughtered six million Jews and numerous others whom they considered inferior.

“Through a combination of removing guns and disseminating deceitful propaganda, the Nazis were able to carry out their evil intentions with relatively little resistance,” he wrote.

Carson reiterated that argument at least twice — in an Oct. 8, 2015, interview with CNN host Wolf Blitzer, and then again in a speech at the National Press Club.

“You know, mid- to late-30s, they started a program to disarm the people and by mid- to late 40’s, look what had happened,” he said at the Press Club.

PolitiFact decided to analyze Carson’s claim on its Truth-O-Meter.

German gun laws

As the Nazi Party rose to power in Germany, it inherited a 1928 gun registration law that had replaced a total ban on gun ownership imposed on a defeated Germany after World War I. The 1928 law created a permit system to own and sell firearms and ammunition.

“But this order was followed quite rarely so that largely, only newly bought weapons became registered,” said Dagmar Ellerbrock, an expert on German gun policies at the Dresden Technical University. “At that time, most men, and many women, still owned the weapons they acquired before or during the first World War.”

When they came to power, the Nazis used whatever gun records they had to seize weapons from their enemies, but Ellerbock told us the files included very few of the firearms in circulation.

“In my records, I found many Jews who well into the late 1930s possessed guns,” Ellerbock told us.

The Nazis adopted a new gun law in 1938. According to an analysis by Bernard Harcourt, a professor at Columbia University School of Law, it loosened gun ownership rules in several ways.

It deregulated the buying and selling of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. It made handguns easier to own by allowing anyone with a hunting license to buy, sell or carry one at any time. (You didn’t need to be hunting.) It also extended the permit period from one year to three and gave local officials more discretion in letting people under 18 get a gun.

The regulations to implement this law, rather than the law itself, did impose new limits on one group: Jews.

On Nov. 11, 1938, the German minister of the interior issued “Regulations Against Jews Possession of Weapons.” Not only were Jews forbidden to own guns and ammunition, they couldn’t own “truncheons or stabbing weapons.”

In addition to the restrictions, Ellerbrock said the Nazis had already been raiding Jewish homes and seizing weapons.

“The gun policy of the Nazis can hardly be compared to the democratic procedures of gun regulations by law,” Ellerbrock told us. “It was a kind of special administrative practice (Sonderrecht), which treated people in different ways according to their political opinion or according to ‘racial identity’ in Nazi terms.”

They use the “Myth” of the “Evil Nazi” to justify always

The NRAFox NewsFox News (again)Alex Jonesemail chainsJoe “the Plumber” WurzelbacherGun Owners of America, etc., all agree that gun control was critical to Hitler’s rise to power. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (“America’s most aggressive defender of firearms ownership”) is built almost exclusively around this notion, popularizing posters of Hitler giving the Nazi salute next to the text: “All in favor of ‘gun control’ raise your right hand.”

In his 1994 book, NRA head Wayne LaPierre dwelled on the Hitler meme at length, writing: “In Germany, Jewish extermination began with the Nazi Weapon Law of 1938, signed by Adolf Hitler.”

And it makes a certain amount of intuitive sense: If you’re going to impose a brutal authoritarian regime on your populace, better to disarm them first so they can’t fight back.

Unfortunately for LaPierre et al., the notion that Hitler confiscated everyone’s guns is mostly bogus. And the ancillary claim that Jews could have stopped the Holocaust with more guns doesn’t make any sense at all if you think about it for more than a minute.

University of Chicago law professor Bernard Harcourt explored this myth in depth in a 2004 article published in the Fordham Law Review. As it turns out, the Weimar Republic, the German government that immediately preceded Hitler’s, actually had tougher gun laws than the Nazi regime. After its defeat in World War I, and agreeing to the harsh surrender terms laid out in the Treaty of Versailles, the German legislature in 1919 passed a law that effectively banned all private firearm possession, leading the government to confiscate guns already in circulation. In 1928, the Reichstag relaxed the regulation a bit but put in place a strict registration regime that required citizens to acquire separate permits to own guns, sell them or carry them.


The 1938 law signed by Hitler that LaPierre mentions in his book basically does the opposite of what he says it did. “The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition,” Harcourt wrote. Meanwhile, many more categories of people, including Nazi party members, were exempted from gun ownership regulations altogether, while the legal age of purchase was lowered from 20 to 18, and permit lengths were extended from one year to three years.


The law did prohibit Jews and other persecuted classes from owning guns, but this should not be an indictment of gun control in general. Does the fact that Nazis forced Jews into horrendous ghettos indict urban planning? Should we eliminate all police officers because the Nazis used police officers to oppress and kill the Jews? What about public works — Hitler loved public works projects? Of course not. These are merely implements that can be used for good or ill, much as gun advocates like to argue about guns themselves. If guns don’t kill people, then neither does gun control cause genocide (genocidal regimes cause genocide).

So why are they lying?  What is the Agenda here?

Simple.  It is the promotion of the selling of, and use of and the training with GUNS that is being promoted, and promoting the fallacy that to be for Gun Control makes you evil.  Morph that further into a fantasy, a Nazi.

Just another example where they jump on top of a FANTASY to promote another evil FANTASY and should you not fall for it “hook line and sinker”, then you, yourself are one of the EVIL ONES.

This is a blatant example of how they start with a lie, then add to that lie (as with the Holocaust, and what is happening in the Middle East right now) to promote their newest lie.  In doing so, they also make a point of treating the first lie as indisputably true (like Saddam and WMD’s) to justify their agenda’s.  Looking at the basis is not something to even be thought of or discussed.

Their basis goes even deeper into a PROPAGANDA LIE as with the 2nd Amendment being about guns, in order to claim that guns and gun ownership in the USA is a  “Constitutional Right” which it is not.  This is something I have gone into deeper in other blogs found in About

The “short version” of this is that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to PREVENT WAR and instead of being all about guns, it was all about preventing the Federal Government having a “Standing Army”, enabling them to promote and enable “endless wars”, which the Dick Act destroyed when it (in fact) destroyed everything the 2nd Amendment was all about in the first place by making way for State and Federal monies to provide for the arming and training and promotion of those Standing Armies.

The “Right to Bear Arms” was part of the “British Bill of Rights” adopted by the USA and in fact not a right at all, but a requirement, overall to keep the citizenry armed and trained for War.  It was not declared in the 2nd Amendment but simply referred to.

The 2nd Amendment was put in place in order to require the Federal or State Governments to consult with and bargain with the CITIZENS (having no Standing Army of their own) should they find a need to declare War.

Therefore, the basis of this lie goes even back further than attempting to say that:

  • Nazi’s Are Evil
  • Nazi’s were successful with their populations through the use of Gun Control
  • Gun Control Advocation makes you, therefore, a Nazi
  • Nazi’s are BAD and do not forget the 6 Million

It is meant to keep the Citizenry armed and trained for War, and even at their own expense, using this propaganda to promote it.  Overall, the Wars which will be fought will be for the benefit of the ELITE and especially (today) ZIONISTS who use this propaganda to hoodwink you.

Yet again, it is a lie, standing on top of another lie, with a basis and foundation of another lie, in order to promote an Agenda of lies.

I leave you with some “Common Sense” from Lawerence:

What would “The Donald” do?




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