My Family is gonna take you down!

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My Millenials will wash your face with truth

We will win!  It does not matter how long it takes.  We are gonna beat you Zionists!  For the love of Humanity, we will expose the truth.  The idiots may not understand, but they will follow us, and your time (Zionists) is at an end!


Share this EVERYWHERE!

My Family is Humanity,  I live and die for you.

Yet you need to “Avenge Me” as I come from a Generation of Total Lies.  You and only YOU can change humanity.  You have the power, and I hope I gave you the insight.

Go Get Em!

Hit everything I have said.  This is a “Con Job” beyond imagination and I need YOU to fix this.  Without you, my goal is lost.

However, my goal is the truth, and if you will not see it as truth, and be all “wrapped up” in the fantasies you have been told…

I cannot help You today

Sometimes people change and they adopt new beliefs based on their own experience.  I am one of those.  I used to fall into the “Conservative or Liberal or NDP”.  I used to think they had some relevance to my life.

Yet today I understand them as an “Oilocary” and irrelevant to you, your life as well as mine. They are the Rich who play with us as pawns.  They like to get stuff from us for free an laugh at how little they pay for our subservience.

Silly, as you know that eventually (in your lifetime) it will all come down to “Guaranteed Income” ←Well maybe if you are not too old and lost between the 1959 Gap and the New Future,  Whatever.

You work all your life to get what?  The Conservatives would like to see you in a Cave, as you are worthless in Old Age.


It is up to YOU

As they (the Elite) are in smaller numbers than you are.  You either demand to make a change or you succumb.  If you go for the latter, you leave your Children nothing.  Nothing at all.  As now is the time to make the change.

I want you to succeed.  I really do!  I want you to have Children and a Home, and Peace.

I want you to have wonderful SEX and to learn to love.  I want you to appreciate your friends and to love them.  They may not say it, but they might need you.

Yet overall, I want you to FIGHT for Truth and honesty, and I really think that is the best thing; you can give to our Grandchildren.  I am talking in YOUR WORLD right now, as I have my own, which is worse than you have evolved into, and I hope I can make it better.

Your Schooling or GRADES mean nothing to humanity.  Many Great People have failed at “Public Education” and for the “most part” it is a “Meat Grinder” to get you into their plan for Society.

If you are a Man, find a decent Girl.  Do not neglect to speak of her qualities (as I did) and tell her why you like her.  Usually, it is because she is beautiful.  Do not neglect to tell her that.  PLEASE NEVER NEGLECT THAT.

I did.  You only live once. Later is not an option.

Relax.  Throw off what they TOLD you about yourself.  You are a Brand New Human Being, and never mind what your Family told you.  It is time, not only to strike out on your own but also the time to tell that person you met (that you really like them) why,

Do not be afraid to do that!  That has always been my biggest fallacy.  Never voicing LOVE and why. ← Yet it must be honest.  If you ever tell someone that you love them and you do not mean it… you will be found out!

It may be from “indifference” and so you had better be loyal.

You do not need to there all the time.  True Love Lasts Forever.  You cannot get rid of it, no matter how you try, and those “checking on it” are simply insecure.

If you love someone, set them free, and if they return, then you should give yourself a “wake up call” as they are yours and a human you should cherish.  Even if you wish not to Marry them or anything else.  They want YOU and that is respect for you.  No matter what they say.  Actions are more important than words.



What did THEY tell you about you?  If it was in any way negative, it was “Their Fault:.  I mean this, and get it through your head!  “Their Fault”!

You are a “Brand New Human Being, Razor Sharp, Firm, and Tanned” and there is nothing wrong with you today!

What are they?  Brain Surgeons?

The biggest hiccup in humanity is to think that it makes you feel better by bringing someone else down.  Those people who do it, you should not react to.  That brings you down to their level.

Have A Nice Day

Is the most important thing I ever learned how to say.  I can call you an asshole by saying “Have a Nice Day” but I can never be admonished for it.

Do not let other peoples Negativity infiltrate your brain!  #1

Be sure to appreciate others (especially mates beauty) #2

Negative is Wrong and Positive is Right!

Every Time in Every Circumstance and Every Situation!



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