Not a single Frigging Dime!

dime1 (1)

I will NEVER accept one Penny from You!

Not a dime.  Not a single cent.  It would be an INSULT to you to ask.  This is not what Humanity is all about!  Not a dime.  Not a cent.  I promise!

Offer me a Million Dollars to stop, and I will not.  I own this website and I host it myself to stop you from suppressing me.  You will not do it to me, and you will not do it to my Minions!

You are lost, as we entered a new age of understanding.  No longer can you DECIDE to publish books or not.  No longer can you get the “objectional books” removed from libraries.  You can try, but it will have no relevance to my:



And they are gonna take over, and your bullshit will go down the drain, and I am going to lead them, and you cannot…


Stop Me!



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