When you got the Scotts, yer done!

got the scotts

My name is James Stewart and I am not hiding from you.

I am a Scotsman with a name.  A name that held BOTH thrones of England and Scotland at the same time.  I am a PIPER and I cannot be defeated!  Not then or now.  I will win.

If I decide that Germans were given a “Raw Deal” as a Stewart, my people will fall in ranks behind me.  I have made that decision.

It is not IF you can win or not.  It is simply that we will win.  We simply do not care.

Stewarts are right, always right, and they lead the Clan.  If I say you are done, you are done.  I need nothing more than to say it.

As my fellow Stewarts will back me, as will all of my Clan, and nobody wants to go up against the “Pipers”!

The British tried to kill us all off, as we were too threatening.  They ended up making A DEAL WITH US of Nova Scotia (New Scotland) after they starved us and raped us and did the worst of the worst to us, and we reluctantly accepted.

My Team.  We lost.  Yet we came back to fight another day.

The Irish are all behind us too.  They will kick your ass before we even get there.

Yet violence is not the answer for Mankind. Your Genes (Stewarts) are all that is required.  It is inside of you.  It runs through your veins!  You know that Stewart!  You feel it every single day.  You KNOW you are different.  You simply have not heard the call yet.  I am making that call.

Ok, so what is the Answer?

It gets really complicated and it goes back to your roots, but it has nothing to do with money or interest on money or Government or Media.  It has to deal with YOU.


As the most important person in your life, you look after you first, and then when done, you look after what is wrong in this stinking Society and you do your best to fix that.

I need not guide you, as you know what is right and what is wrong.

Yet I am calling on ALL STEWARTS to stand up and make this a reality, that we honestly (without violence) drive this home to all of Humanity.

Hadrians Wall did not work, nor did suppression of the FACTS if you make it so.


Better than Pipes!



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