Enough is Enough w/Facebook!

facebook and me

It was supposed to be Free Social Media

At one time it was.  There never was any good reason for their “Community Standards” as you could simply block anyone you wanted to.  Removing Pornography or excessive Violence, frightening images, might be reasonable.

Yet it has moved on from there into SUPPRESSION and with a certain “Zionist Slant”, getting worse and worse to the point where they are removing accounts, shutting down Groups and Pages, and marking as “Spam” when you even comment or share a link.

As they have done with other accounts of mine, they started right away (with my newest account) marking stuff as spam, and then suspending me for a time, even after they deemed that my posts marked as “Spam” were not spam.  Still, they did not take away the suspension.

Less than 2 days out of suspension, for that which I should have never been suspended for in the first place, they are upset with me joining so many “Truth Groups”, that they demand a photo of me for:

Security Purposes


Who’s security might that be for?  Why should it matter?  It certainly would not be for MY security or that of any of my friends.  It just shows how much of a “Big Brother” role they have taken.  Suppression seems not enough for them.

The entire premise of the Medium no longer makes sense.  Free Social Media.  It is not free when you are controlled and tracked.  It is not Social when people (your friends), nor you can post stuff without it being removed or your being punished for posting it.

There is nothing in my, or my friend’s interest involving their “Security Checks”.

I have done as best I could there to expose Truth.  Truth on Nikola Tesla and Alternative Energy.  Politics.  History.  I have built some pretty massive and well-followed groups over 9 years of participation.  Yet I am not going through the hoops anymore.

I see the future of this “Social Medium” going down the drain, but not before they have caused plenty of harm to innocent people.  In ways of which I do not even wish to discuss.

I withdraw and will no longer play your game.

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