Exposing the Hollow-Hoax at its BEST

Best of the Holocaust

In MY opinion, anyway, this is the best!

Humorous, well researched, hands-on, documentation. It is a shame it is 4 hours long, for those not able or willing to spend 4 hours watching it.  Yet as it’s title states, it is merely 1/3rd of the Holocaust claim.  There is so much involved, as you should know if you looked at the extensive list here on hollowhoax.com in the link of the sidebar “About”, in which you can see plain as day, that 4 hours does not even totally deal with the “Tip of the Iceberg” on the pure fraud.

However, with that said, anyone, paying close attention to the full 4 hours of this video cannot possibly come away with the same belief in the Propaganda preached by Mainstream News and Schools and “Your Government”, and that I assure you!

He makes it humorous, as he goes into detail:

  • His Research
  • How to Research
  • The undeniable Facts

He remains undercover and anonymous for his production too of this masterpiece.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

One-Third of the Holocaust




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