Today’s Ambitions of the Greater Israel

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This goes beyond (far beyond) being proven your past lies are lies, but still acting on them anyway.  Far beyond this indeed!  It is illegal.  It is immoral.  It is a “Political Hoodwink” in the most obvious regards, but in case you need an update on today’s situation, here is a:

11 Minute Video

So, if this is all “Pure Bullshit” (as it is), then what “pray tell” is the agenda here?  Well, I will get into this, but first, let’s hear from the guy being accused:


6 Minutes from Assad

Now, let’s move on to the “Real Agenda” here.  Who benefits?  There always is a beneficiary after all.  So who benefits?

25 Min of What future for ‘Greater Israel’? – Part 1



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