How Liberals Buy Votes in Canada

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I have to say that this is not a discussion that is really taking place in Canada. We’re not seeing it in Ottawa. We’re not seeing in other capitals. It doesn’t seem to matter.

There’s a sense that there is a humanitarian response that is necessary. But as far as feeling that they have a role to play in trying to find some kind of a settlement or a peace — it doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar, does it?

No, you’re absolutely correct. And I think one factor that’s at play here is Syria war fatigue. We’re about to enter the eighth year of this conflict.

A lot of the world, particularly the Western world now, are so consumed by their internal economic and political problems.

I’m talking to you from the United States, where the dominant themes that concern people now are the crazy antics and policies of the Trump administration, these mass shootings, and so there’s a sense now that people are just tired and people have other concerns.

There is an unstated assumption that people hope that if we just ignore Syria it will go away and it won’t affect us.

But I think that this general fatigue, the absence of any attention, has really been, I think, a godsend for Russia and for Iran and for the Assad regime, who is really banking on international fatigue to eventually demonstrate itself so they could be carrying on with their war aims. I think that’s exactly what’s happening today.

Trudeau is in the “Back Pocket” of the Zionists

Yet, do not think he cannot profit by it

By 2020, Canada will see an increase of 13 percent in overall immigration numbers, with the vast majority coming under economic programs designed to address skills shortages and gaps in the labour market as the population ages and the birth rate declines.

At 340,000 people, the increase by 2020 represents the highest intake since before the First World War, though it stops short of the 450,000 target suggested by the government’s economic advisory council in a report last year.

The Liberals WIN with International War Crimes to win Elections

While Trudeau will go to a “Mock Gas Chamber” at Auschwitz in 2016 to shed a “Drama Teacher Tear” when told a YARN by a Zionist describing “alleged genocide” (which never happened) and then return to Canada to hold a vote in our House to DENOUNCE the B.D.S. Movement (with 87% approval in the house), he lends credibility for carrying out the “Zionist Agenda” of the Greater Israel Project in Syria.  Yet he also reaps the benefits of the people he makes homeless in Syria.  They ARE after all, “The Liberal Base”.

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In this year’s message marking Israel’s independence day, Prime Minister Trudeau said Canada was committed to fighting “anti-Zionism”. This is unprecedented. What does it mean? Read more….

Every year on Israel’s Independence Day, the Prime Minister of Canada issues a congratulatory statement. There is nothing unusual in this. We do the same for most of the other states with whom we have diplomatic relations.

The statement with respect to Israel usually contains a reference to Canada’s continued commitment to fighting Antisemitism. Antisemitism is a specific form of racism that discriminates against Jews. It is entirely appropriate that our government declare opposition to it. Last year, Prime Minister Trudeau’s 2016 statement said Canada “stands with Israel in its fight against Antisemitism”. Prime Minister Harper said the same thing in 2015.

But this year, in an apparently unprecedented move, Prime Minister Trudeau went a lot farther – he committed Canada to supporting Zionism itself!!

“Today, while we celebrate Israel’s independence, we also reaffirm our commitment to fight anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, May 2, 2017

Yet who else can you pick from eh?  All 4 Parties

Are Pro-Zionist in Canada



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