Laws against Your Political Views?

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Put it on a T-Shirt and WEAR it!

  • Zionism is NOT a Race or Religion but a “Political Philosophy”


  • Semitic is NOT a Race or Religion but a “Language”

They have (the Zionists) “Hoodwinked” the Worlds Populations that “Semitic” means Jew, but it does not.  It is a language of the Semitic People.  Semitic People include Arabs and Palestinians.

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Since the Educated are “Catching On” to this fact…

They, in turn, have begun to use the term “Anti-Zionist” when describing their distaste for the fraud.  Yet Zionism is not a Race or Religion either.

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Ask YOURSELF how you could be so “Hoodwinked”?

If the Dictionary clearly says both these things, why is it then that you are taught in Schools and through Mainstream Media, that these two terms should be morphed into what should be a term like:

Anti-Race or Anti-Religion?

Why not just say “Anti-Jewish”, if that is what you mean?  Ahh but I have an answer for that too:


All Jews are NOT Zionist!



All Zionists are NOT Jews!

So in order for Zionists to make this fly, they have to use a “Hoodwinking Word” like:


and when that is not good enough, as you are no longer that uneducated, they will equate you as an:


Yet how much different is it then, than:

  • Anti-Republican
  • Anti-Democrat
  • Anti-Conservative
  • Anti-Liberal
  • Anti-Socialist
  • Anti-Communist

As it is a “Political Philosophy”!

And one which desires for itself a KINGDOM of Greater Israel (when accomplished) to rule the World from, controlling ALL BANKS, ALL MEDIA, AND YOUR GOVERNMENT



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