A Suppressed Hero, Mr. Freedman


No, he does not “openly admit” to being an Ex-Zionist

Only an Ex-Jew

I am guessing he felt too bad about it to admit it.  Yet the Man did sit at the Versailles Treaty, and he was a “Prominent Zionist”, whether he admits it or not.  Most people, out of pure respect for the Man would not really push it or mention it.  Yet I think this is partly where the problem of understanding lies.

Too many people equate Zionists with Jews, and even that all Zionists are Jews.  This is incorrect.  It is a “Zionist Promotion” to make you think that way.  It gives more credence to their “Race Card” when they wanna play it.  After that comes the “Religion Card” which is even more bullshit.  The basis for Zionism is Atheism.  Herzl himself was well known as an Atheist.  The Khazars and Ashkenazi that the majority of the Zionists came from simply adopted a ridiculous form of Judaism, which in fact does not follow the Torah, in order to promote their “Political Philosophy” which entails a concept (slow but sure) to rule the World from their little Kingdom (which they would hoodwink for themselves) and then expand (as they are doing now) into The Greater Israel Project.

Anyway, back to Ben.  He was outraged at what he was part of.  A Good Man. Friend of 4 Presidents!  He was successful and well respected.  He spent a vast majority of his vast fortune (after converting to Christianity) exposing the Zionists (or as he calls them Jews) and as I said, I think, this in some ways a great fallacy that he did not admit to them being Zionists.

Yet Hitler too mentioned Jews far more than Zionists, and it seemed to be common at the time.  I proclaim that there is nothing wrong with Jews, even if I think Religion in itself a farce.  There IS, however, something wrong with Zionists.  It might be in their Khazar blood.  Who knows?  Yet to have your “biggest claim to fame” as promoting PURE FRAUD and being so good at it, that even after it all is disproven, you can still get people to scream your “Old Fraud” from the rooftops, while you move on to your “next fraud”, is one “very low” attribute to be your best, if that is your only claim to fame.  I have no respect for money or control.  If ever someone asks how much a “Rich Man” leaves when he dies, the answer is pretty simple.  He left it ALL!

The audio tape was suppressed.  Guess who suppressed it?  I am going to have to make you guess, as I am not really interested in proving who did it.  It seems obvious who would want his speech suppressed.

Instead, I will simply say that his speech “checks out”, and although people can argue irrelevant aspects of what he says, claim it biased, or call him a “Self Hating Jew”, the overall facts which are important to humanity hold water.  This video should be shown in every Classroom, yet the reason why it is not, makes you need to wonder who is running those classrooms.  Are the Schools themselves just ignorant?  If so, why are they even teaching our kids?

Anyway, with no further ado, I present :

Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech (46 min)



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