From Birth you have been Conned

A lady questions the education program when it comes to public schools in the USA during a meeting of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Now, the Anne Frank Diary (being required reading) is a proven fraud, written in ballpoint pen (parts of it) and there have been Court Cases about this proving its illegitimacy.

Elie Wiesel is again a Fraud and proven a liar in a Court of law. He stole the number he acclaims to himself as a prisoner from another prisoner, he has no tattoo, and his book “Night” (more required reading) is proven as a fraud as well. The accounts in it of babies being thrown into fires at Auschwitz are not only impossible, but disputed by the prisoners from that camp as not happening. The water table was too high at that camp to burn anyone in pits as the book acclaims.

5 Minutes for a good Clue In

There is only SO MUCH fraud you need to see to question all

What I find often with my posts on Google + is that people do come and see the preface. Sometimes there is a link inside of the preface. Sometimes not. If so, then by clicking on it, you will be directed to a HOST of more evidence on the topic. If not, the links are normally in the photo. Simply click again on the photo and it will direct you to all the data.

I set up all of this on Google + to prevent Censorship and Suppression. You need not be logged in to your Google Account to share or view the data. Only to comment or +1 the post.

It is NICE if you do, but just in case you want to protect yourself from being tracked, you do not need to be logged in, and if not, you CANNOT be tracked!

This information needs to get out. Zionists are trying all kinds of devious ways of preventing you from seeing data and re-directing you to their own “regurgitated propaganda” of past instead. Yet by using Google + and this collection, the posts are checked and properly assigned. No worries there.

So what you have is evidence, after evidence, and more evidence, showing that every single piece of the “Acclaimed Holocaust Lie” is exposed. Totally! Nothing left to be in a loss about.

Just as with this post, and read further down in the description for the link to a HOST of data including video and many links proving this part of the Holocaust to be a 100% fraud, and you can just sift through (at your own leisure) all the other frauds exposed in the collection.

It is clear from this analysis that
A. Elie Wiesel has lied about being in this photograph.
B. Several others have also lied about being in this photograph.
C. Authorities and ‘historians’ have accepted the identity of many of the persons in this photo without any investigation – simply on someone’s say-so.
D. Only two people resemble who they say they are and that is Nikolaus Grüner (lower left) and Mel Mermelstein (upper right).
E. There are so many anomalies and unanswered questions about this photo that it must be considered 100% post-war the United States “Holocaust” propaganda ordered by Eisenhower’s U.S. Army intelligence branch.
F. This photo shows the level of skill in photo-manipulation that existed in 1945.Footnotes:
Actually, it was ready and waiting to be turned over to the United States military authorities whenever they arrived.
The highly regarded British ‘historian’ Martin Gilbert doesn’t mention Wiesel or Mermelstein as being in the picture in The Macmillan Atlas of the Holocaust, published by him in 1982. He writes of it, “The photograph, taken on the day of the liberation of Dachau, shows some of the survivors of death marches and evacuation trains …” 🙂Samuel G. Freedman, “Bearing Witness: The Life and Work of Elie Wiesel,” NYT, October 23, 1983.

July 26, 1985, Billings Gazette published an Associated Press photo showing Mermelstein holding the famous photo with the caption: “Mermelstein poses with a photograph showing himself on a bunk in the Auschwitz concentration camp.”

In his book Stolen Identity, Grüner gives a questionable explanation on page 28. He writes that as the inmates of Block 66 were being marched toward the gate (before liberation), he faked an emergency need to relieve himself and ran to the first barrack he could reach, which turned out to be #56. There he laid down in a bunk where he remained. No way to verify this, but Elie Wiesel gives no explanation at all for why he was there. Of course, since he says he was gravely ill in the hospital at the time this picture was taken, he could not be in two places at once.
He had an older brother and a sister who survived the camps, with whom he was put in contact after liberation. Both moved to Malmo, Sweden. (Stolen Identity, p. 29.)

The Famous Buchenwald Photo | Elie Wiesel Cons the World The Famous Buchenwald Photo | A Blog Dedicated to Finding out the Truth about Elie Wiesel’s Tattoo
The Famous Buchenwald Photo |  Elie Wiesel Cons the World   The Famous Buchenwald Photo | A Blog Dedicated to Finding out the Truth about Elie Wiesel's Tattoo

And now they are filling your KIDS with this pure Bull



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