Here is your Weapon Humanity!

fight with power

Going up against Zionists?  Wanna WIN?

Ok Humanity, I built it, and now I complete the weapon.  Here it is:

search keys

You will find “About” in the Sidebar on the Left


Also Here

In a debate or an argument, and need backup evidence?

I am here for you.  Just type in your keyword into the search engine in About and you will see highlighted, everything related to that keyword.


  • The Greater Israel Project (just search for greater)
  • German Records (just search for records)
  • Auschwitz (just search for Auschwitz)
  • Tattoos (just search for branded)
  • Facebook Censorship (just search for Facebook)

You should be able to win any debate!  Always! Every Time!

Now, of course, they will resort to “Name Calling” when they cannot defeat your evidence.  Don’t be discouraged by “Poopie-Head” comments.  They are only doing that as you have already won.

We are NOT Cavemen!

We do not need to use violence to win the War.  The War will be won with education.  Never mind if they call you a “Keyboard Warrior”, as that you are, Grasshopper!  Be proud of it.  You are defeating them with sound evidence and technology.

You may want to play a theme song in the background as you battle Grasshopper.

I suggest this



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