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Many who go “Suddenly Blind” remain in Denial for some time


Social workers and psychologists are very familiar with the problem of denial, the conviction that in spite of the facts, the rules do not apply in this particular case. Up to a point, this is part of the grieving process, the mourning for what must be let go. When it passes, rehabilitation can begin.


Yet this is not just about people with obvious physical disabilities.  The problem is mental and it extends into every aspect. Especially belief, and this is where it may be even more harmful.

What you have been told (as a human race) from the very beginning is just littered with lies and propaganda and agendas of the  Elite. Sure, it is sick that you were fooled. Absolutely maddening too that you were led down the garden path but you were.  What is frustrating to many who may release you from this distorted belief, is your denial.  Even faced with the evidence.


We could start with the belief in a God, but as there is no way to put a “Human Hand” on that entity, other than the belief in it, there is little way to PROVE beyond the shadow of a doubt that a God (any God) or the one YOU may believe in does not, nor did it ever exist.  That is pretty much impossible. We could say that it is most likely to be a fallacy. We could say that certainly since it is not something you can prove or not prove exists or not, you certainly CANNOT with any intelligence put anything on the entity.  As per its desires or wants or needs or plans. This is where we are going in this post.  This is where people step over the line. Where they step over this line is in what they are led to believe.  This is where I wish to take it up, and where I find it relevant to what YOU may be doing today.


Let’s work backward.  We have troops fighting in the Middle East right now, and why are they there?  A lie. Lie #1

Lie #1 Terrorists


Now terrorism is not an entity but a tactic.  It is the only way to fight back against a stronger foe.  What measures are used in it are irrelevant. What is relevant is why this tactic is being employed.


One person’s “Terrorist” is another’s “Freedom Fighter” and so the analogy cannot BEGIN with the word Terrorist.  You have to look at what is JUSTIFIED.


This is where so many seem to get lost.  Certainly, Donald Trump has no idea of this concept.  When discussing ISIS or anything involving the Middle East, he has no concept whatsoever of justification, or he didn’t until he was briefed by his Zionist Masters.  


His promotion (as he says he has said from the beginning) is that the USA, after invading Iraq, should have KEPT the Oil.  Justification eludes him, as it eludes all his followers.
Iraq was an admitted mistake in the very least.  The purpose was a threat of Saddam and WMD’s which were never found.  The UN specifically warned that any invasion of Iraq BEFORE the weapons inspectors had concluded their evaluation would be an International War Crime.  Yet the USA invaded with help of Britain and Australia anyway and committed this International War Crime.  Not only did they do it, but it was PROVEN UNJUSTIFIED when no WMD’s were ever found.  Therefore they had no justification for the invasion of Iraq.  They should be rewarded then, for this War Crime by stealing Iraq’s Oil Reserves?  

Yet that was not really what it was about anyway, was it?  The Greater Israel Project is something kept out of the Mainstream Media.  What, ohh what would ever happen if the majority actually knew of the significance of this well-documented plan which they take so much caution to attempt to suppress.

It is BECAUSE of this illegal invasion of not only Iraq but Afghanistan and Libya and now Syria (planning on Iran as a future prize) that ISIS sprang into being.  Yet Donald Trump thought originally the way to deal with this is to steal Oil?  Continue doing these International War Crimes? How can he have that opinion?  He was just as hoodwinked as the majority by Mainstream Media.

Is not Donald Trump so far encompassed in denial, that he and his followers are now a menace to all of Society?  Is he just stupid? Uneducated? Oh, I think not. I think he knows very well what I just mentioned, (at least now) and the ONLY justification for his lack of sanity here is a severe case of denial.  You might lump greed on to that too, but for him to justify to himself, and for his followers to justify this to themselves, they all must be in severe denial.


When it comes to Afghanistan, Donald Trump seems to have no idea that the USA entered Afghanistan BEFORE IRAQ again unjustified, and an International War Crime, but he now seems to think the USA should stay there, as Pakistan with Nuclear Weapons could be a threat and Afghanistan’s close proximity to Pakistan. Or is it the wealth of the Poppy Fields?  Does he forget the reason why the USA entered Afghanistan? It was SAID by the Government that the USA entered Afghanistan because Bin Laden was responsible (although they had no evidence to show) for the 911 Attacks.  Bin Laden was NOT a Citizen even of Afghanistan and might have been there or not, but it still is unjustified to invade an entire Country in order to get ONE Man.


However, Bin Laden is no longer an issue, is he?  Why then are there US troops at all in Afghanistan then?  We are now lumping War Crime on War Crime as our justification?  Either Donald Trump and his followers are severely uneducated, clearly corrupt, and purely evil OR they are in a severe case of denial.


I hope people reading this are not that far gone into denial.  I hope I can make some sense to some of you who maybe are just about to be “let in” on the information I am about to give you, and just like the BLIND will only suffer a small and temporary case of denial, before you come to your own sanity.


Although we all may know that wars, and the economy, are totally an agenda of the Elite (like Trump), we should also be able to understand (if we take the blinders off) that unless these totally INSANE PEOPLE are able to convince us to follow their insanity, they will not be successful in their INSANE PLANS.


So let’s take the “Blinders Off” shall we?


#2 Lie Religion


Some will not look as they are so heavily steeped in Religion Belief that they just would rather be uneducated.  Yet the Wars that are being fought are not being fought by the Elite. No, in fact, they are being fought by people who do not have Elite agendas at all.  They are being fought by people who believe what they are doing is right, because of what they are told of by their religion. These religions (for the most part) all have a basis in the Jewish Religion.  With the “Chosen People”. Yet for those of you not educated in this fact, the Jews of Israel (in fact Zionists) are NOT those “Chosen People” of your belief at all. They are not even genetically from that region of this Planet Earth.  They are genetically from far to the North of that in Europe. Here is a link to prove that to you:

The Zionists who pushed the Balfour Declaration

Now, in case you also did not know what the Balfour Declaration was, or what it means today, I will educate you on that as well.  It is the Declaration that put Israel into place in the first place after WWII. It actually was presented during WWI but just basically completed after WWII.   The Balfour Declaration gave some people who “Declared themselves Jews” from Europe the rights to the property where Israel is now located, displacing the Palestinian People.  They had no “Genetic Roots” to the land. Merely an “Adopted Religion” of Zionism. Here is a link to the Balfour Declaration to prove that to you:

The theft of Palestine that has been hidden from you
Yet all of this is only possible because of a belief.  A belief in a Religion. Now you could blame it on one sect maybe, but the only sect not so much to blame for this (as they should know better) is Judaism itself.  The other major religions (being Islam and Christianity) have their false beliefs in the New Testament of which is just FILLED with fraud. Here is a link that will prove the New Testament to be too much full of holes and outright fraud to be realistic in any way:

Proven Bible Fraud

So, in conclusion, this brings us to the end of our backward trek from TODAY to the very beginning, and should you wish to still hang on to God, so be it.  Yet Mankind has been lied to by Mankind since the beginning (at least as far as our written history goes back) of time.


Are you going to be like Donald Trump and his followers, so far steeped in denial that you are going to lump un-justification on un-justification?  Are you able to just suffer a few days of Denial before you come to your senses? Can you possibly accept the FACTS right away?


As in this case you were blind.  You may HAVE been blind, and I hope for some of you, that you are waking up.  Don’t feel helpless, as with the Internet we are not.  The key to all of this is not War.  Not weapons.  Not even Jails.  It is EDUCATION and the spreading of that education Worldwide, as you all are doing (or at least should be) by sharing the posts from here, and from where this site links you to.  This is a fight of HUMANITY and we are “better than the Elite”, as many of us see past money and wealth, understanding that being GOOD PEOPLE if far more important.  Respected or not for doing it, but always doing..


The Right Thing!




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