Germans are waking up! Does this mean we are winning? You can bet yer sweet bippy!


Anyone can see this is a Crime against Humanity!

The Zionists can put out crap, calling for “Absolute Genocide” and have it published in Major Newspapers, to great acclaim genocide being a good thing to do (“How to Genocide Germans”) but they can also (calling the kettle black) can call it “Horrific” what was done in their “Fairy Tale” of 6 Million Jews which has been told over an over again, over 140 times in past history  using nothing but their hearsay, pure fraud and publishing power in our media to promote it (pretty much on a weekly basis) even today!

Meanwhile, today, distressed Germans are waking up and are well aware that those described erroneously by corporate media as refugees are repeatedly released without charge or with slap on the wrist taxpayer-funded fines for serious crimes such as rape and murder.

The charges against the nonagenarian specifically relate to the fraud investigator’s insistence that Auschwitz was never a death camp but an industrial and agricultural complex.

Jewish researcher Joseph Ginsburg asks a pertinent question: “Why then are they, the Israelis (and German regime), obstructing all honest research into the six million questions? All statistics will so long be controversial until world Jewry and Zionism will be willing to present to the public exact official statistics of the losses.  The roadblock to research is due to the fact that from six million dead, one can extract far more reparations than from say 6,000.”


In fact, such deaths as did occur at Auschwitz and elsewhere, in towns and villages too, were suffered only near the war’s end and following Germany’s defeat as a consequence not of German action but by Allied air raids.

Many dissident historians regard the death toll as being exclusively the responsibility of the Allies whose carpet bombing, even after Germany’s military defeat, continued to cause violent death and suffering as consequence of typhus, starvation and similar diseases that can be attributed to the Allied carpet bombing. In effect, the victors are shifting shame and responsibility for their war crimes on the peoples of defeated Germany.

Ursula 3

Many hundreds of protesters, primarily from the Die Rechte party, rallied in the city of Bielefeld calling for the release of Ursula Haverbeck. A small counter-protest was also held and two police officers suffered minor injuries after clashing with the Communist George Soros funded Antifa counter-protesters.

The strength of feeling against the Merkel regime is running high. Since the demonstration took place during the working week, many could not attend, but the response of solidarity from around Germany alone for this demo was over 2.1 million. It did not include the support messages from neighboring European countries.

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FREE Ursula Haverbeck!



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