Do you Enable the Zionists?

Zionist Enablers

Zionists got “Free Passage” out of Germany

and were transferred to Palestine under the “Transfer Agreement”. They sent for all their stuff, later, where it was received. Many displaced Palestinians lived in the boxes they had their stuff shipped in.

Then they demanded that the remaining Jews left in Germany, CONVERT to Zionism, and come to Palestine. Some Jews did not wish to go.

So the ones left behind, remaining Jews had some of their ranks sent to Labor Camps, in order to wait for Deportation. Many documented and outlined plans were made, but the War stood in their way from the “Final Solution” which was to get ALL of the unwanted deportees out of Germany. NOT Genocide!

However, that was the propaganda the Zionists unleashed, and on the other side, they “Worked With” the Germans to make it more comfortable for these remaining Jews to change their minds, and in fact become Zionists. They in fact helped in the Tattoo Process, using the number Tattoo for their IBM machines to keep track of these “Goyim Jews, refusing to become Zionist”.

Yet some Jews could not stomach the Zionist Ideals and wanted no part of it still. So the Zionists cut off all aid to the camps. Even sabotaged shipments of Jews to Palestine carrying Jews they did not want.

Now, after the War, they carried the Flag of being the “Victims” when they never were. Claimed most of the “reparation money” and ran the Propaganda Network for Sympathy. Sympathy for something they never endured. Sympathy for what they helped promote. They did a good job too promoting fraud.

  • 6 Million Jews Genocided
  • Jewish Shrunken Heads
  • Jews turned into Lampshades
  • Jews turned into Soap
  • Jews killed in Gas Chambers

All since disproven. All today proved as “PURE FRAUD”.

They continue on with “Museums of Hate” devoted to spreading hatred of Germans and this “So-Called Holocaust” which they have to LIE about, in order to fill those “Holocaust Museums” of pure HATE.

Still crying “Poor Me”, when in fact it all is a “hoodwink for sympathy” and some “Dumb Clucks” help them promote this fraud, and not only do they do it, but they do it for free! They feel the “fantasy guilt” for something that never happened, and they allow (by doing this) Zionist gain. In cold hard cash, and support for Zionist Wars against Zionist Enemies.

Who is worse? The Thief or the Person Promoting The Thief as an Honest Person?

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