Jews forced to wear the Yellow Star

jews forced to wear yellow star

From a recent comment on a Holocaust Video

Zionist Promotion

Declan says:

Can I just clear up something?…`Hitler was not Anti Semite’ …who, then, was responsible for enforcement of the yellow Star of David Jews wore to identify themselves? Was it the an early version of Ryan Air `priority passenger’ id for faster dispatch out of their neighbourhoods? It must have been done out of care and inclusion otherwise I , as a mere non academic, would conclude Hitler et al didn’t like Jews? Also, the posters and propaganda depicting Jewish people engendered violence against innocence people. I would suggest this is anti Semite, or it could indicate tolerance and understanding of course…

I reply:

Well first of all Declan, you have to know what you are yelling while you are pointing fingers. Anti-Semite? The only people who use that phrase, have NO IDEA what a Semite is. Semite refers to a language. Look it up in any dictionary. It is a common language of Arabs and Palestinians, but not Khazars and Ashkenazi, which the Zionists are. It (the term) is used as a “hoodwink” to attempt to equate it to not just Jews (which is improper) but ALL Jews (which is outrageous) and passing it off as “Race-Based Hate” which is impossible, as we are not talking about race here in your accusation, or if we were, then you would be incorrect. It is also attempted to be equated with Religion, and specifically the Jewish Religion, which is an unfair slant as well on Jews. Jews believe in, and follow the Torah, which Zionists do not, just as REAL Jews do not believe in a Promised Land in Palestine.

As you can see by the paragraph explaining this, your unfounded accusation of “Anti-Semitic” is unfounded at its base, but just the same time, very DEEP in its hoodwinking!

Now, Hitler was proud of his race, and the Arian Race. He felt that Jews should have their own homeland and be proud of their race too. Hitler was a Nationalist, and wanted everyone in his Country to be either 100% behind the Country and National Socialism or to get the HELL OUT! Now that (whether you agree with it or not) was his belief and a belief of the majority of Germans who clearly understood what had happened to them and their future goals.

Now, this being said, Judea Declared War on Germany. Let’s take this out of context for a second, and pretend it was the Japanese that declared war on the USA. Would you expect, after that to see Japanese walking around the streets of New York City? No? If not, then somehow you would wonder why the US Government might not just deport them all, put them in Camps for Deportation, and make the ones waiting for such Deportation to wear a Yellow Japanese Star? Outrageous would you say?

No, in fact, I think Declan, that you have gotten your mind so steeped in Propaganda, that you cannot see the forest for the trees on this issue, and in fact, you could expect far WORSE treatment of “admitted enemies” from any of the Allies.



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