It is NECESSARY for Humanities Success

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What’s My Calling?  What is yours?

I am about to turn 60, and this should be my “Swan Song” before I go out.  I will make the most out of it too.  Exposing Zionism for what it is.  The THREAT to humanity it is.

Will they get me?  Have I signed my own “Death Warrant”?  Maybe.  Who cares?  Gotta go sometime.  I would rather go out fighting for that which I believe in than being selfish, living in the lap of luxury and being uncaring to that which I could inspire.

Ever since I learned the truth (and it took me a long, long time) I see clearly my calling.  To lend my hand to spreading that truth to Humanity, in hopes that I might not be too late already.  Hoping humanity has a chance to turn this thing around.

One thing I know is that it is awful and scary.  It means going from the comfortable light to the deep darkness of evil, and battling that evil with every last breath.

Take my hand?



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