Keep Doing It To Yourself Israel!

israel own enemy

The Scam cannot be kept up against the Internet Israel

Every time you do something evil or outrageous in your promotions today, people listen to what we have to say more and more.  Sure you once (and in many ways still do) own the Media, but everyone has another venue now with the medium of the Internet. You lose!

I am so glad that “Hoodwinked People” like this Governor is going to push your frauds to be taught in School.  Ohh sure, he does not know it is a fraud, and most of the “hoodwinked people” helping him push it do not know it is a fraud, but the

Kids Will!

When they do, their teachers will be at a loss, with “egg on their faces” and eventually they will have to shut down the course, out of “sheer embarrassment” as they will not be able to stop the kids from getting the truth from sites like this one on the Internet.

The teachers will find out quickly that they cannot promote:

6 Million or Gas Chambers

as the kids will make “mincemeat” of them if they try.  On their phones, and at their fingertips, they will be able to come to sites like this one and search for any subject the teachers try to claim as truth and expose your frauds in


The teachers will not be prepared for this, as none of this is found in their textbooks.  It is never debated on Mainstream Media.  Their Government does not discuss the matter.  Yet with

One Film

they can make the teachers look sick!  Ohh and will the Kids like to make their teachers look sick?  You can bet “yer sweet bippy” they will!  They will make the teachers a “laughing stock” and so embarrassed to even continue to teach, that they will probably quit.

Every Time You Massacre Palestinians

You make sane people really mad.  When you do things like


people have to scratch their heads and wonder if you have any real claims to the land that you occupy, or whether this “so-called”

Border (as you call it)

actually exists.  What is worse for you is that while you are being exposed Worldwide, more and more, every time you do something Genocidal (as in Palestine) and people are more apt to listen to

All of Us, promoting a Goyim Revolution

and all we really need to do, is to open their eyes.  Give them the resources they need to do the research.   Certainly, you were able to suppress (for decades) the

Transfer Agreement

which is documentation the “You Zionists” were never victims of your “Fantasy Holocaust”, but in fact you were

Collaborators for your OWN Interests

and you had no right to the land you now occupy.  You are not even “Blood Jews”, but in fact the same Bolsheviks that murdered 10’s of Millions of innocent Christians in Russia during the “Bolshevik Revolution” and you, in fact, are nothing but

Khazars and Ashkenazi

You have NO RIGHT to the land you occupy in the first place, even if you claim “Biblical Rights”.  Yet that is purely an invention of yours too, as you pushed your “Scofield Bible” into Christian Churches to achieve your goal of growing

Christian Zionists

to sing your songs and be “Good Goyim” to facilitate your evil plans.  From your Inception, your plan has been to “Hoodwink” using your control of Media, and even the Churches if you could.  Yet you are kinda lost when you are confronted by HUMANITY and working for free, aren’t you?  You have no leverage on the truth if you cannot bribe, can you?

So every time you do something (from here on in) to promote your cause or to push your

Greater Israel Project

people get mad, and for the first time in History, with use of the Internet, we get more people with their “Ears Perked Up” and willing to listen to us when we expose the truth, which is something you cannot defeat, can you?  All you can do is try to

Suppress the Truth



2 thoughts on “Keep Doing It To Yourself Israel!”

  1. Did you know that recently President Trump released churches from the bar of speaking out politically and can keep their tax free status if they want to tell their congregation the truth that the majority of worlds jews, as in Israel trying to pass for blood relations with the Biblical Israelites. They are converts from the 7th century from
    Eastern Europe Ashkenazi, under the Khazars who sacrificed their infants and children into huge fires, and worshipped Moloch and still do. They have no DNA connection to the mideast, found after scientific study at the George Washington University in NY, and their ancestors never walked the sand along the sea there. They are goyim, and their daughters are free for rape as they claim all goyim daughters are as they are converts, and goyim. As far as being God’s Chosen People, the big pass that churches have supported for so long is such a joke in that God would never chose atheists as His Chosen People. In fact, the Palestinians have DNA markers that prove they are descendants of Abraham. Let His People go. Hope the ministers will now feel free to speak against this creeping virus that is trying to engult America. We must resist and stop voting for people with dual citizenship with Israel., and make it a law that no dual citizens allowed in any government position. No other country allows it.

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