What do you remember on Memorial Day?


I hope not what you were taught!

Listen, Grasshopper, we are not about to get out of this insanity unless you face up to what was done.  Of course, you may honor your forefathers or family members that died in some War, and they felt (at least they thought) they were doing the “right thing”.  You can objection-ally feel badly for them, thinking their hearts were in the right place.  You can.  You probably do. It’s normal. OR you can:

Get Real!

I personally have never fought in a War.  I have never killed anyone.  I have never caused anyone any harm (other than a punch or a slap, and even that was wrong) and don’t get off telling me that unless I was there, I have no way to evaluate.  It is either right or wrong and YOU know the difference.

Never mind with this “He-Man Attitude”, as if I do not agree that I should defend a Flag or a Country or my Fellow Citizens, that I deserve a “good beating”.  Go away “Cave Man”!

Rather than “drag our knuckles” here and act like “Pimates”, why don’t we analyze your words here?

  • Flag?  Why should I defend a flag that the Elite made up for me to salute?  It is a piece of cloth!  It is not worth a human life.  What it represents?  Well?  What does it represent?  It represents the Elite (who made it up) to put me in a group of a “collective”, to make it easier for the Elite to “command the collective”.  If I were to defend the flag, I would be defending what it represents, yes as what it represents is making me a “collective drone”, who will follow like a sheep, the orders of the Elite who made up the flag in the first place.  So this is what you want me to defend?  Being a sheep?  Bootlicking the Elite’s boots?  Being loyal to a piece of cloth?  If I do not do it, you think making me do it through fear makes it right?  Some “knuckldragger” is gonna beat me up if I do not salute it?  Pfft!
  • Country?  I am a human being who was born on this Planet, and I had no choice in the matter.  I was either fortunate or unfortunate to be born in what the older humans call a Country.  Yet they did not name it.  They did not draw the borders for it either.  Who did then?  The Elite did.  They got people who were operating as a collective, saluting a flag to fight for border lines that they drew, and they even named this area that I am in.  So?  Are you going to beat me up “knuckledragger” if I do not wish to fight for these lines on a Map?  I mean, I might, but first, may I ask a question?  Who is attacking me?  What is the “exact threat”?  Do I see people being raped and pillaged in my area?  If not, then you had better have some “splainin to do” buddy!  Show me this threat!  Then, ASK for my help once you have made your case.  Otherwise, I am not playing your “Country Game”.  If forced to (on threat of jail) I may succumb to “Country Rules” or “Country Taxes”, if (and only if) I cannot get around them pretty safely anyway.  So there!
  • Fellow Citizens?  Well, is Fred or Tom (my friends) in danger?  If so, make your case “knuckledragger”, or get out of my face!  Yes I have things in common with the people who live around me, and I have learned to adapt into that society quite well.  I am comfortable.  Yet I really do not think I need to go out of my way to cause violence on others, just because YOU have some fears about people you know, or might know, or are hoodwinked into believing you know.  Sorry “knuckledragger” it might be better for me to take a beating myself than to harm others who I do not even know, because you “say so”.  When I see an issue, I will react.

Now that we are in the right perspective…

What I just discussed was YOU and how I believe you should react, as that is how I would react, and I think you most likely would be thinking a lot like me.  So, given that, what made these people who did go to war and die and kill throw all the above “common sense” in the air, and agree to do that?

Well, in some cases there was a draft.  People were forced into it.  In that case, you had “Draft Dodgers”, and if you want to know what they look like, just look at your average Politician, or the Elite who come up with idea to go to War in the first place.  The draft dodgers look a lot like them.  They do not even have to escape the Country.  They just know who to pay, and the deal is done.  Normal humans are not that lucky.

However, in the cases of WWI and WWII (for instance) the draft was really not needed.  The Elite made for a bad economy before the War started.  You can believe me or not, and we could argue the point, but it is the case that before those 2 wars, things were pretty rough.  People were starving.  Out of work.  It was tough.

The Wars made for the opportunity of people to come out of Poverty, with no real hope for the future.  They were promised (and got) 3 meals a day, clothing, medical care, education, money, and should they get Married (the Men) they could provide for their spouses, sometimes even getting a house on the Base.  As well (especially in North America) the Men got “toys” to play with.  Like Tanks, and Airplanes and Machine Guns and stuff.  Lots of GREAT reasons to join the Military and go off to War, and what the heck, as you might survive.  You might merely be wounded.   The Elite also pushed something else for you to fall back on.  God and Eternal Life.  Why, what God would not think of you getting in through the Gates of Heaven, if you fought for King and Country eh?  Patriotic and loyal?  That was an “easy in” to this fantastic place of dreams called Heaven, right?

As well, you were faced with another thing called:

Group Think!

Yes that is where you just wanna fit in, and be like everybody else.  Why?  Self preservation for one thing.  Hey!  There are “Knuckledraggers” out there that will beat you silly if you do not conform! ← Right?

On top of that, if you did not join up, and you escaped the knuckledraggers who did go, you would be looked at as a “Wimp” at home, staying behind.  All that was left there were women, and old people and little kids (all wanting to be like their daddies off to war) and the crippled.  If you were healthy, you (escaping knuckledraggers) would have to live with a pretty hefty “guilt process” right?


So that is why they went off to War

This is who you remember on “Memorial Day” and you honor them.  For what?  For being too weak to stand on their own Principals?  For being too cowardly to stand up to the “knuckledraggers”?  For being hoodwinked into killing people they did not even know, for reasons they were either lied to about or never researched?  Those are the people you are Memoralizing on Memorial Day?  Is it?


Let’s talk about the REAL reasons for those 2 Wars!


WWI was certainly an “Elite War” fought for “Elite Interests” and in the end, the victors were not the Germans, or the French or the English, or the Russians.  The only people who came out ahead (in reality) were the Crooked.  The Politicians.  The liars, and the thieves and:


The Zionists!

Nobody else really gained.  WWII was started after ONE Country of Europe pulled out of the Great Depression faster and better than any of the others, and against all odds.  What was the war about?


This was so important to keep intact, that WWII needed to be fought to protect THAT Corridor!

Ok then, the War is over, and it has been over for almost a Century now.  What does the map of Germany look like today?  Huh?

The Free State of Danzig indeed has been wiped off all Maps, and the memory of the German-speaking inhabitants of that very State has been obliterated and erased.
for the people of Danzig, there is no place in history, or on earth anymore.
Polish propaganda has made sure of that!
Every stone in Danzig, every Ruin there, however, that once spoke of a glorious Danzig past, still speaks a loud language, and the language is still German.

Concerning the history of the City State of Danzig, such history is mainly interpreted and recorded wrongly, by Poland, and also by the Germans.
Both sides make a great spiel of the integration of the City State of Danzig into their respective history, national psyche and conscience.
Yet, neither Germany nor Poland, however, has any right to proclaim feudal rights over Danzig or to incorporate Danzig in their respective national realm and conscience.

So?  was the Corridor retained?  No.  Yet that was the point in the War right?  Face it Grasshopper, it all was a lie, and none of it makes any sense and in reality, your forefathers (if they fought and died), died for basically nothing, but for the Elite.

Yet it is this Elite that owns your media and has run your schools and run your Government.  Your forefathers were hoodwinked.  The “knuckledraggers” were hoodwinked and blind.


Yet you stand PROUD on Memorial Day?


Watch this 1hr -20 min Video

Before you EVER stand proud again!



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