Israel Laughs at your response to 911


The September 11, 2001 attacks were part of an Islamophobic project by Israel to replace communism with “Islamic terrorism” as a new global threat which would allow Tel Aviv and its allies to further their agenda, says an American scholar.


Yet it really does not matter which Party you Vote For

Kevin Barrett, a political commentator in Madison, Wisconsin, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while discussing a survey of US Muslims and the new challenges they are facing under the presidency of Donald Trump.

The Pew research showed that almost three-quarters of US Muslims see Trump as unfriendly toward them.

Sixty-four percent of those with a more distinct Muslim identity, like a head covering for women, noted that they had recently experienced some sort of discrimination and nearly half of them say they had the same problem last year, such as being treated with distrust, threatened or called an offensive name.

“Trump rode onto the office on a wave of Islamophobia that he helped accelerate himself,” said Barrett. “This Islamophobia has kind of been the basis of American political cohesion since September 11, 2001 attacks.”

The analyst argued that Israel, the US, and their allies orchestrated the 9/11 “public relations operation” and used it as an excuse to replace terrorism with communism as “the next great civilizational enemy.”

“So 9/11 was part of a project to create an inter-generation and essentially permanent hatred of Muslim in the US population and this was going to be the new orientation of the West,” Barrett said.

Referring to Israel as the “main beneficiary” of the attack and the growing trend of Islamophobia, Barret noted that the attack was also used “to destabilize the Middle East on behalf of Western economic interests.”

The scholar said Trump, although not knowledgeable about world affairs, had “good instincts” in populist policies and knew that the Islamophobic approach would eventually lure in voters.

During the campaign, Trump said “Islam hates us,” proposed “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” floated the idea of monitoring US mosques and officially re-introduced the term “Islamic terrorism” in the American political parlance.

And, just seven days after taking office on January 20, Trump signed an executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

Barrett noted that American Muslims needed to take a more active role in exposing the reality of this “anti-Islam scapegoating operation” that sought to spread Islamophobia by blaming Muslims for a series of false-flag operations.

It is simply a continuation of a well thought out plan


Greater Israel karta2

The Protocols of Zion. How do you discredit a plan that works like clockwork?

Is 2 enough?  You know the end of the story and 2 plans.  Do you want 3?


The Oded Yinon Plan in 10 Minutes

Yet the Mainstream Media still sing the same songs

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If you cannot discredit it, call it Anti-Semitic

Even though the “Term” itself is a Fraud



2 thoughts on “Israel Laughs at your response to 911”

  1. Your research is a treasure. Wish you could get some posted on YouTube under others pages so it could spread wide and wider. You have so much to share. I will continue to post your sites on YouTube comments. Hope it is bringing a few more to your site.
    Need more updated info on how many and names of who are dual citizens in American government so it can be posted before the elections. But also feel am being closely watched for my opinions I share on YouTube but have no groups and my own survival on political corruption where I live. Elections coming up and people have no idea who they should vote for. Most do not campaign as “dual citizens”. But Trump did tell churches they can now have political views and not lose their tax exempt status. That is huge, but most are brainwashed and do not see these people are not God’s Chosen and support the expansion of Israel. Not biblical, as these 96% have any no scientific DNA connection to Abraham. The Palestinians do have DNA markers that connect them to Abraham in the bible. If only they would read your site.

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