When Mainstream Media is the Enemy

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Just like with 911 you FIRST admit fraud

Then you can figure out who did it

The people who report this crap, for whatever reason they report it, are not even on the ground in Syria.  They seriously are NOT THERE!  If they claim to be unbiased, you personally have as much right to report on it as they do, filled with nothing but hearsay to go on.  Someone IS on the ground. Her name is:

eva bartlett


Eva K Bartlett is creating Interviews, Articles, Photography and More

Eva Bartlett’s border crossing journalism showed at long last the people’s perspective of the Syrian war against terrorism. Bartlett talks figures and proportions and expands your desk research with facts that she documented as a witness on site. Her stark observations have upset an entire media industry. But she engages in dialogue and she documents her observations in detail; a stress test for integrity and coherence. Bartlett is outspoken about social injustice and inaccurate media reports. Her engagement and candor can be seen as a bonus. A heretic or an outspoken partisan journalist has to work harder as she will be thoroughly challenged. Bartlett has exposed years of lazy research and poor journalism in mainstream media, but now she seems to be subjected to a smear campaign for lack of a better argument.


We (the ones reading @ hollowhoax) should know who is behind all of this, and if not check the sidebar or at the bottom (on your cell phone) in “About”, but here is an interview with her on the Jimmy Dore Show:


Exposes White Helmets in 23 minutes



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